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Ежедневно App Store пополняется десятками мобильных приложений. О наиболее ярких релизах мы сообщаем вам незамедлительно, публикую новости о выходе. Однако в разделе «Новинки игр и программ для в App Store» собраны все привлекающие внимание приложения. Здесь вы всегда найдете свежую информацию о новинках российского сегмента магазина приложений Apple.
Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location
Категория: Игры 229 р.
This is the official mobile port of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location!

Welcome to Circus Baby's Pizza World, where family fun and interactivity go beyond anything you've seen at those *other* pizza places! Now hiring: Late night technician. Must enjoy cramped spaces and be comfortable around active machinery. Not responsible for death or dismemberment.

Five Nights at Freddy's Sister Location is the fifth installment in the Five Nights at Freddy's series, featuring new characters, new places, and new terrors!

- Features all five nights from the PC game.
- Includes Custom Night!
- Baby "death" Mini-Game
- Full Extras Menu
- Both endings available
Ginger Rangers
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Боевики Бесплатно
Help the Ginger Rangers to defeat the monsters by using a variety of weapons and powers.

Power, courage, persistence, skills and bravery, all these qualities are summarized in two words, Ginger Rangers.
Experience the ultimate adventure of the Ginger Rangers.The Ginger Rangers team consists of a courageous kid and his grandfather. They both are the best shooters in America's wild west.
The game's rules simply put: Take cover, defeat the enemy, collect the coins, unlock the seal, upgrade your weapons and enjoy the adventure. Use the right weapons to defeat the monsters. Time and Tactics are the key to win this game. Don't forget to use the Power Ups to help the rangers when getting attacked by many monsters.Ginger Rangers job is to keep the environment and the animals safe. Help them with their exciting missions and be part of their adventurous journey.Collect the coins to purchase more fun weapons in the game.

The good news: This game is FREE and completely FREE of ads. It's designed to bring an exciting and fun experience while you play. Enjoy!

- (10) unlockable stages.
- 44 story mode levels.
- game support center.

Play all levels entirely free!
No third party advertisement.
Категория: Игры, Аркады Бесплатно
Go as far as you can on a variety of colored ways.
Combine the three primary colors of light to change the color of the checkpoint.
You can only go through the path if the color of the next way and checkpoint are the same.
Reach the top level and compete against others.
Don't Starve: Shipwrecked
Категория: Игры, Приключения 379 р.
Klei Entertainment has partnered with our friends at CAPY, creators of Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery, Super Time Force and Below; to bring fans of Don’t Starve the latest single-player expansion: Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked!

In Don't Starve: Shipwrecked, Wilson finds himself stranded in a tropical archipelago. He must learn to survive all over again in this new environment filled with new biomes, seasons, and creatures.

Don’t let the tropical breeze lull you into a false sense of security - the world might be different, but it is still equal parts unforgiving and uncompromising. You will quickly find these islands are full to the brim with things that want to kill you.

Key Features:

Navigate the Open Ocean: Craft a boat and set sail for adventure!

Explore an Entirely New World: The entire world is different. Explore new biomes filled with new resources. Scavenge for new sources of food. Run for your life from a host of new creatures.

Brave New Seasons: A set of tropically inspired seasons will try their hardest to kill you.

Craft New Recipes: Build an array of new gadgets to help yourself survive these harsh islands.
Air Force 2017: A Powerful Space Shooter Edition
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Развлечения Бесплатно
Air Force 2017: The Ultimate Aircraft Combat That Takes You To Another Dimension
Not many space fighter games are privileged enough to have decent graphics, great resolution and amazing gameplay. The newest one on the market named Air Force 2017, though, is one of the best battleship aircraft games that combine the space fighting experience and take it to another level.

Basically, there are a lot of things that make Air Force 2017 the ultimate aircraft jet fighter game. From the features to the graphics and gameplay, we are detailing every one of them below.
Fly The F16 And F35 Fighter Planes In The New Air Force 2017 Battleship Edition
Every player gets a chance to taste the plane fighting with the very best plane models in this game. Introducing the F17 and F35 airfighters and the galaxy fighting in space - it is hard to not enjoy this game.

Now, we all know that space shooter games are rising in popularity. Air Force 2017 is exactly a product of this imagination and stands as one of the best galaxy fighting games that includes killer fighter planes and amazing jet fighter features.
Speaking of battleships in space, the F16 and F35 are nowhere near simple aircrafts. Their design, structure and amazing features in this game make them the ultimate space fighter machines that shoot, move fast and navigate in space making you earn points and advance to the next level.

Air Force 2017 Is The Space Flight Simulator Game You Need To Download
One interesting thing worth mentioning is the fact that Air Force 2017 is among the very few games that not only give you a space aircraft simulation, but actually let you attack and combat other space airrcrafts in a space fighting game experience. And that is exactly what makes this space game amazing and speaks why many fans around the world love it.

The gameplay in Air Force 2017 is lighting fast - just like this game's features themselves. The simulation gives you another perspective and puts you into the shoes of a space combat astronaut ready to conquer another territory from the enemies and battle them with a power galaxy fighter jet.

A Powerful 3D Space Shooter (Battleship) Edition
You can now own the universe with your space combat aircraft and choose if it is going to be the F16 or the F35 that is your space fighting jet controlled by your fingertips. The space can be yours in Air Force 2017, defending it from enemies of all kinds and taking over every aspect of the game.

This space fighting game is a proof that the galaxy is usually empty - but when it comes to combats, there ar a lot of airfighters that are ready to take the galaxy fighting to the next level and wipe out everyone trying to attack their territory.
Air Force 2017 is the most hardcore jet fighter game you have every played and one of the most visually appealing space shooting games. The F16 and F35 jet fighter aircrafts prove how dynamic the game experience is, ready to suit players of all ages.
The Jet Fighter Space Shooting Experience That Is Hard To Resist
Air Force 2017 is a game meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Thrilling, exciting and engaging are some of the words to put it - but most of all, it's the jet fighter scenario that makes it special. You only need to hop in a F16 or F35 based on your choice and enjoy the ultimate space shooting endeavor.

Get Ready To Conquer Space With The Best Jet Fighter Aircrafts Out There
You can start firing missiles as of this moment and engage into a different galaxy aircraft experience. Play, win, unlock new features and proceed to new levels - everything is there in this plane fighting game ready to prove you why space fighting games are not dead yet.
Heart Box - физическая головоломка
Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Обучающие Бесплатно
Встречайте новую веселую физическую головоломку Heart Box с маленьким роботом Робби!

Профессор Крыс создал Робби, но наделил его слабой батарейкой, из-за чего наш герой вынужден постоянно заряжаться и участвовать в безумных экспериментах.

Проведите робота через все экспериментальные комнаты профессора Крыса, чтобы освободить его от зарядного устройства!

Особенности игры:

▶ Более 100 уровней!
▶ Головоломки с реалистичной физикой
▶ Качественная графика
▶ Куча мультфильмов!
▶ Игровые достижения

Присоединяйтесь к нам:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/radbrothers
Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+Radbrothers
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rad_Brothers
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rad_brothers
Вконтакте: http://vk.com/radbrothersid
Смотрите видео и игровые трейлеры: https://www.youtube.com/user/RadBrothersID
Посетите наш сайт: https://radbrothers.com
Ninja Assassin Revenge
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Бизнес Бесплатно
Ниндзя-Убийца и его героическая миссия готовы к борьбе. Ниндзе необходимо отомстить врагам за все, что они сделали с его деревней. С сюрикеном, духом меча, чтобы резать, энергетическими бомбами и многими другими навыками, убивать - все, что ему остается. Вся кровь выльется из монстра.

Приключения миссии Ниндзи начнется прямо сейчас, после того, как ты включишь эту ниндзя-игру. Не волнуйся о том, какие сильные враги/босс могут быть, ты можешь повысить свои навыки, силу очень быстро и легко.

У нас есть система босса, достаточно сильная для питания ниндзи силой, это - абсолютно захватывающая ниндзя-игра для тебя.

Так что борьба всего в шаге от тебя, Ниндзя!


- Дизайн опыта Ниндзи.
- Классные навыки и система их повышения
- Меч и действие, которые чувствуешь, как в действительности
- Множество миссий
-Дневная система награждения и оценивания
War Commander: Rogue Assault
Категория: Игры, Стратегии, Боевики Бесплатно
War Commander: Rogue Assault — увлекательная военная игра в жанре массовой многопользовательской стратегии с полностью трехмерной графикой. Динамичные и захватывающие битвы. На мобильных устройствах вы такого еще не видели. Думаете, это для вас? Уничтожайте и разрушайте!


- Быстро приспосабливайтесь к обстановке, управляя войсками непосредственно на поле боя
- Ведите непрерывные сражения благодаря мгновенной постройке и восстановлению юнитов
- Проходите эпические одиночные кампании и уничтожайте вражеские армии, стоящие на вашем пути к мировому господству
Категория: Игры, Ролевые игры, Стратегии 75 р.
On sale 66% off for a limited time! Happy Holidays!

** Fan of Battleheart? Check out the followup, Battleheart Legacy, available now! **


Battleheart - enter a world of epic fantasy combat!

Chosen as the App Store's "Game of the Week"!

"Battleheart is an absolutely effortless recommendation" - TouchArcade.com

"Incredibly addictive and fun" - Attack of the Show

From the creators of Zombieville USA and OMG Pirates!, Battleheart distills some of the greatest elements of roleplaying games and real-time strategy into pocket-sized form!

Create a unique party of heroes, and lead them in frantic real-time battles against monsters of ever increasing power. Lay waste to your foes with dozens of unique special powers as you gain experience, upgrade your party's equipment, and craft them into the ultimate battle force!

-- Features --
• Easily command your army via simple touch commands.
• Create a unique party from numerous character classes, including stealthy rogues, powerful wizards and stoic knights!
• Customize your heroes via dozens of unique skills - literally hundreds of class and skill combinations!
• Make the most of your party's skills to control the battlefield - turn your opponents into frogs, stun them with poisons, or simply destroy them with meteor strikes and whirlwinds of steel!
• Over 100 unique items to collect and equip across a 30+ level campaign, complete with epic boss battles!
• Put your custom party to the ultimate test in survival arenas, where rare and unique rewards can be found!
• Incredibly sharp animation and art designed specifically for the Retina Display and iPad!

For the latest info on upcoming Battleheart updates, or to simply ask us a question directly, check us out on twitter @MikaMobile!
Tactics Squad: Dungeon Heroes
Категория: Игры, Ролевые игры, Приключения Бесплатно
Build your team of Raiders, fight your way through terrifying monsters in various dungeons and solve the mysteries of the world!!

Choose between Blitz, Counterattack and Trick tactic to change your team FORMATION!

Challenge other teams of Raiders, boost your RANKINGS and prove who's the better tactician!

Boss Battle
FIGHT against a gigantic boss for an epic battle!

Don't underestimate the power of the skills on each HERO, it can flip the victor in the battlefield!

Level Up
Level your hero, gear and skills and conquer the dungeons!

Why do dungeons exist? What's the story behind all these characters? The world is filled with mysteries!

- Free to play tactics strategy RPG
- Collect numerous heroes and create your ultimate team
- Multiple modes available in the arena
- Fight your way through waves of monsters in numerous dungeons
- Time your skills for the critical moments.
Lonely Mr.Panda
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Симуляторы Бесплатно
A lonely panda lives in the bamboo forest.

Mr. Panda likes to eat the most.

Give lonely panda a variety of foods.

You are not alone.

# Touch the water droplets on the screen to buy food.

# Tell me how old your lonely panda is.

# If panda eat a lot, digest it, and if panda are hungry, please feed.

# This is all. Do not be stressed.

# You and me, spend your solitary holiday with a lonely panda.
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Приключения 149 р.
Presented by Fineallday:

The mysterious city of Sunpolis opens its gates for the first time...

You, the Glorious Bird, will guide the sun in its quest to bring back the light in this enigmatic city.
Will you be agile enough to overcome the obstacles as you pursue your infinite journey?
Drift away, and be inspired by the meditative mood of Sunpolis!


- 3D Touch ready (for iPhone 6S or above) and Apple Pencil ready for iPad.
*The game is still fully playable without the 3D Touch or the Pencil.

- Unique physic-based bouncing and levitation gameplay.

- Simple control. One touch, many results.

- Infinite scrolling world, scripted and procedurally generated.

- Geometric environment full of secrets.

- Special powers and abilities.

- Beautiful, misty, refine and relaxing art direction.

- Dynamic colour cycles for the sky and the city.

- Unique soundscape, and calming melodies generated by the player's actions.

- Game Center integration. Compete for the number of bounces, levels, etc. ...

- Sunpolis does not contain any ads or in-app purchases.
Orbity Space
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Боевики Бесплатно
Жми на экран, чтобы запустить свой корабль и облетать на нем препятствия!

Бей рекорды друзей!

- Геймплей – не оторваться, и красивая графика!
- Открой более 40 космических кораблей в разном стиле!
- Бесплатный подарок каждый день!
- Каждую неделю – обновление с новым кораблем!
- Исследуй своим флотом просторы космоса!
- Делай безумные комбо и бей рекорды друзей!

А какой твой рекорд?
King Of Dirt
Категория: Игры, Спорт, Спорт Бесплатно
King of Dirt lets you experience the most immersive first-person bmx action without actually stepping on a real bike. Pull some of the most epic bangers in this adrenaline-fueled arcade extreme sports game. Design the dopest wheels to your liking, get down and dirty on the wild and thrilling dirt trails. Nail tricks like a pro and become the gnarliest legend on the leaderboards. Addition to BMX bikes and Freestyle MTB, you can unlocks Scooters and super sexy Mini-bikes!

►DOWNLOAD now to check out what 4 000 000 players are already enjoying!!!

- Ride 6 legendary BIKE and a SCOOTER!
- Pull massive air in 10 epic DIRT TRAILS.
- Design your very own personal BMX or MTB bike!
- Experience adrenaline-fueled CHALLENGES.
- Special BONUSES for the best bmx players!
- Сompete with friends!
Block Monster Breaker
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Развлечения Бесплатно
Fusion of GunShooter and Breakout!
Endless troops of monsters! Wreck them all!

* Gun ball, Multi ball, Blast ball!
Wreck them in any way you want, however you want!
Enjoy three different attacks that are beyond your imagination!

* Experience the thrill of dodging back and forth!

* Cool monsters with splendid graphic!

* The more you bounce the ball, the more power you’ll get!
Calculate the angle just like when you are playing the pool!

The fusion of gun shooter and breakout! The new era of gun block shooter!!

Block Monster Breaker!
Island Delta
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Головоломки 229 р.
** Поддерживаемые устройства: как минимум iPhone 5 и новее, как минимум iPad 4, как минимум iPad mini 2 **

Island Delta — это захватывающая и динамичная приключенческая игра, в которой тебе предстоит с помощью мощного антигравитационного оружия победить опасных врагов, решать головоломки и избегать опасные ловушки. Исследуй ретро-футуристический мир вместе с Зоей и Бакстером. Отправься на опасную миссию и дай отпор злобному доктору Гундерсону и его механическим приспешникам.

* Решай забавные и интересные головоломки.
* Взламывай системы безопасности и устраивай диверсии.
* Захватывающий сюжет с неожиданными поворотами и искрометным юмором.
* Три уникальных главы более чем с 30 уровнями.
* Находи скрытые зоны и особые предметы, чтобы открыть бонусные уровни.
* Оригинальная музыка.
* Красивые локации.
* Универсальное приложение с поддержкой iCloud.
* Премиум-игра без рекламы и встроенных покупок.
The Little Fox
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Аркады Бесплатно
The Little Fox - первый раннер на гексагональном поле.
Исследуйте тринадцать сказочных планет, покорите ледяные вершины и спуститесь в кратеры вулканов, преодолейте болота и найдите путь сквозь темную пещеру.

Уверяем, ни один из уровней не поддастся с первой попытки! Но каждое успешно пройденное испытание вознаградит чувством глубокой удовлетворенности.


Создавая тринадцать красочных и уникальных трехмерных планет для вас, мы вдохновлялись лучшими образцами низкополигональной и минималистической графики.

Живописные ландшафты Вечной Зимы и Забытого Астероида, Знойного Каньона и Сокрытой Пещеры отпечатаются в вашей памяти, и вы не сможете устоять перед искушением поставить скриншот игры на обои.


Наша главная особенность — инновационный геймплей, которому легко научиться, но тяжело стать настоящим мастером. Наслаждайтесь полной свободой передвижения по миру игры при помощи всего лишь двух кнопок: нажимайте на правую сторону экрана, чтобы повернуть направо, и на левую, чтобы повернуть налево.


Мы рекомендуем играть в The Little Fox в наушниках. Полностью погрузиться в атмосферу игры вам помогут уникальные композиции, каждая из которых идеально подходит своему уровню.
RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic
Категория: Игры, Стратегии, Развлечения 459 р.
RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic is a new RCT experience, combining the best features from two of the most successful and beloved RCT games in the series’ history – RollerCoaster Tycoon® and RollerCoaster Tycoon® 2.
Create and run amazing parks complete with the most outrageous rides imaginable. RCT Classic includes a mixture of authentic playability, depth of gameplay and unique graphical style of Chris Sawyer’s original best-selling RollerCoaster Tycoon® PC Games, now enhanced for handheld devices.
Packed with content, players can enjoy designing and building roller coasters and rides, landscaping parks and managing the staff and finances to keep their guests happy and the money flowing in.

Can you become the next RollerCoaster Tycoon?

PLEASE NOTE: Additional content for RollerCoaster Tycoon® Classic is available via In-App Purchase, specifically the three expansion packs: Wacky Worlds, Time Twister and Toolkit. The expansion packs are the ONLY content that require an In-App Purchase and In-App Purchases are not used anywhere else in the game.

Key Features:

•The Original RollerCoaster Sim: Experience all the fun from the original RollerCoaster Tycoon® and RollerCoaster Tycoon® 2 games, with a new app that combines the best elements of both classic titles.

•Coaster Construction: Create incredible roller coasters – Quickly build a pre-made design or use the intuitive piece-by-piece building tools to design and theme your own unique rides.

•Park Designer: Keep your guests happy by building gentle or wild rides, food and drink stalls, water rides, and even transport rides to take them around the park; Customize your park by building scenery, fine-tuning the landscape, and routing the footpaths.

•Park Management: Run your park’s marketing and finances to make a profit while attracting more guests; Organize your staff to keep the park running well and looking its best.

•Exciting Environments: Build the ultimate theme park in a variety of challenging environments, from the tranquility of Forest Frontiers to the bustling commerce of Megaworld Park.

•Park Scenarios: Progress through 95 classic park scenarios from RollerCoaster Tycoon® and RollerCoaster Tycoon® 2.

• Authentic Gameplay: Classic-style characterful isometric graphics and original amusement park music and sound effects.

• Packed with Content: Includes hundreds of types of roller coasters and rides, and dozens of different shops, stalls, and facilities.

Additional Content Available with In-App Purchases:

1)Wacky Worlds Expansion Pack:
Find your passport and pack your bags! Wacky Worlds takes players on the ultimate trip around the globe in 17 new park scenarios! Includes exotic rides, profitable concessions and the most famous landmarks known to man including the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, Statue of Liberty, Great Wall of China and more! Each location is packed with opportunities for success, fun and unique challenges.

2)Time Twister Expansion Pack:
Travel through time with 14 new park scenarios based on historical and fantasy time-themes and build a park that is truly a blast from the past (or future if you like). Play in a Prehistoric amusement park decorated with huge animated T-Rex’s and coasters such as the Raptor Ride, or choose from Mythological times, the Dark Ages, the Rock & Roll crazed ‘50s, the Future or the Roaring Twenties.

Park Scenario Editor: Design and build your own amazing parks – Make them as easy or as challenging as you want, using your choice of scenery and rides! Includes a number of Six Flags parks to get you started.

Ride Designer: Build, test, fine-tune and theme your own awesome roller coaster designs in the Ride Designer before saving them for use while playing!

Import and Export: Share your saved parks, park scenarios and ride designs with friends, and try out their creations too! (Includes the ability to import most saved parks and scenarios created with the original RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 PC game).
Angry Birds Blast
Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Аркады Бесплатно
Сыграй в новую игру «три в ряд» из серии Angry Birds! Свиньи заточили птиц в разноцветные шарики! Взрывай шарики одного цвета, чтобы освободить птиц и остановить свиней в этой увлекательной игре-головоломке.
Снова в бой
Воспользуйся своими шароразрывательными навыками, чтобы перехитрить свиней, и пройди более 250 захватывающих уровней! Решай загадки самым хитрым способом, бей рекорды и получай по 3 звезды на каждом уровне.
Взрывные усилители
Используй усилители, чтобы сразу взорвать целую кучу шариков, стекла, дерева и других предметов! Собрав комбинацию из 5, 7 или 9 шариков, ты сможешь создать ракету, бомбу или лазерную пушку! Комбинируй усилители для взрывов невероятной мощи.
Ежедневные испытания
Участвуй в ежедневных испытаниях и взорви как можно больше свиней, чтобы получить призы и усилители. Отличись на этом поприще и поднимись на вершину рейтинга.
Вместе веселее
Подключись к Facebook и брось вызов своим друзьям. Узнай, кто из вас освобождает птиц лучше всех, и заручись их помощью против мерзких свиней!
Птицы отправляются в новое приключение!
— Пройди более 250 увлекательных уровней (постоянно добавляются новые).
— Игра, на которую легко переключиться в любую минуту!
— Пораскинь мозгами, решая сложные и интересные загадки.
— Используй великолепные усилители, включая рогатки, ракеты, лазерные пушки и бомбы.
— Участвуй в ежедневных испытаниях и зарабатывай призы и усилители.
— Подключись к Facebook и брось вызов друзьям!
— Зарабатывай по 3 звезды за уровень и займи место в рейтинге лучших!
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Развлечения 379 р.
Если семья - это все, что у тебя осталось… как далеко ты зайдешь, чтоб защитить ее?

После того, как течение жизни общества было нарушено вторжением зомби, из хаоса появились ростки цивилизации. Однако, какой ценой? Можно ли доверять живым в этот новый поворотный момент?

В роли Javier, молодого человека, разыскивающего семью, которой его лишили, вы встречаете девушку, в свою очередь пережившую невообразимую потерю. Зовут ее Clementine, и ваши судьбы переплетаются в истории, где каждое решение, принятое вами, может быть последним.

Загрузите первую серию The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, многосерийную игру в пяти частях от создателей The Wolf Among Us, Batman - The Telltale Series и Tales from the Borderlands.
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Головоломки Бесплатно
Welcome to a world where all human dreams are close to disappearing.
ShapeMe is a wonderful geometric puzzle game, guided by an adventure.
Help Nino solve puzzles, and find the other Amers along the way.

Merging shapes?
Seems easy enough...
Is it though?

Download Now!

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShapeMe_Game
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ShapeMe.Game/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ShapeMe.Game/
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Боевики 149 р.
Snowball - это зимнее приключение в жанре пинбол от Pixeljam, создателей Dino Run.

Направьте ваши чудовищные снежные шары через эпический возведенный малышами бобслейный лабиринт из сугробов, самодельных деревянных вёсел, катушек Тесла, иглу, железнодорожных вагонов, и многого другого.

Для случайных игроков и хардкорных поклонников пинбола
Gotta Eat Them All: Clicker
Категория: Игры, Симуляторы, Еда и напитки Бесплатно
Devour everything in this highly-addictive clicker game!

Help Leon, a jaded glutton, on his glorious adventure to find the cuisine that can satisfy his boundless appetite! Leon's only holiday wish is to eat tons of food! Undaunted by calories, Leon continues his epic feasting, piling on the pounds and layers of fat just in time to fight back against the winter chill! His appetite knows no bounds, and it's just a matter of time before he's gobbling up entire planets, the best present he could ask for! Will Leon ever find satisfaction?

- Extremely addictive, all-you-can-eat game.
- Hilarious, unlockable costumes and environments, such as The Stone Age and The Space Age.
- A wide variety of scrumptious, revolutionary gourmet dishes, such as Sizzling Volcanoes, Charcoal-Broiled Dinosaurs, and Alien Risotto.
- 20 amazing utensil upgrades, including a Lightsaber and Thor's Hammer.
- Cool, simple graphics.

Simply tap anywhere to feed Leon. The aim of the game is to pile on weight as quickly as possible as you unlock new and exciting (and sometimes bizarre) items off the menu. You can also upgrade your utensils and even upgrade Leon's stomach to increase the amount of food you can shovel into it. From time to time, objectives pop up to help you gain even more weight!

** Please note that while the app is free, please be aware that it contains paid content for real money that can be purchased upon users' wish to enhance their gaming experience. **
Get Wrecked: Epic Battle Arena
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Стратегии Бесплатно
Welcome to the world of Get Wrecked! Get Wrecked is a fast-paced multiplayer game where you fight friends and enemies in epic battle arenas! Choose a class, unlock crates and chests to level up, discover new items and skills, earn awesome rewards, build clans, socialize with fellow heroes, and so much more! You can play with other players from all over the world. This game was created by gamers, for gamers, and we invite you to be a part of our community today.

● Wreck players from around the world in real-time!
● Earn chests to unlock rewards - collect powerful new cards and upgrade existing ones
● Collect and upgrade all 45 skill and item cards
● Put together your battle deck: 3 different classes with 15 skills and 3 weapons each.
● Livestream your game with your friends and share videos automatically using Everyplay
● Play different game modes
● Create clans and dominate the leaderboards together
● Play in parties with your friends
● Finetune your strategy until you can wreck them all
● Custom matchmaking technology to make sure you always find the right opponent

PLEASE NOTE! Get Wrecked is free to download and play, however, some game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings. Also, under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Get Wrecked.

Are you having problems? Simply go to https://getwrecked.zendesk.com, or click the "Support" button in the game under the "Settings" tab.

Privacy Policy:

Terms of Service:

Parent’s Support:
Сердитый Котик: ужасная игра
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Приключения Бесплатно
Первая официальная мобильная игра про Сердитого Котика! Это ХУДШАЯ ИГРА В МИРЕ.


* Играйте в ужасные мини-игры с Сердитым Котиком в главной роли
* Открывайте разных Сердитых Котиков и используйте их как стикеры в iMessage
* Делитесь мемами про Сердитого Котика
* Ставьте рекорды и соревнуйтесь с друзьями
* Клевая chiptune-музыка от Maxo
Geometry Dash World
Категория: Игры, Музыка, Аркады Бесплатно
Geometry Dash is back with a brand new adventure! New levels, new music, new monsters, new everything!

Flex your clicky finger as you jump, fly and flip your way through dark caves and spiky obstacles. Discover the lands, play online levels and find the secrets hidden within the World of Geometry Dash!

• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Ten unique levels with music from Dex Arson, Waterflame and F-777!
• Play daily quests and earn rewards!
• Play online levels created by the Geometry Dash community!
• Unlock unique icons and colors to customize your character!
• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

Approved by RubRub \ (•◡•) /
Hot Wheels: Race Off
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Гонки Бесплатно
Все самое лучшее от Hot Wheels в клевой гоночной игре:

ГОНЯЙ на более 30 машинах Hot Wheels по более 40 сумасшедших гоночных трасс.
СРЫВАЙСЯ С МЕСТА, применяя усиления, разгоняясь на петлях и прыжках, чтобы пройти знаковую оранжевую трассу Hot Wheels.
БРОСАЙ ВЫЗОВ ДРУЗЬЯМ и всему миру в многопользовательском режиме.

Hot Wheels: Race Off наполнена адреналином, от которого у тебя сердце уйдет в пятки! Загрузи лучшую бесплатную гоночную игру уже сегодня!
Последнее Дерево
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Боевики 75 р.
** Created exclusively for iPhone and iPad.
** IMPORTANT ** - Requires at least iPhone 5, iPhone 5c - or newer.

The year is 2092, and the tree called UNGRODO is the last tree on earth and everybody’s chasing him. He has very special skill - TIME SLOWS DOWN WHEN HE MOVES.

• Superhot and Braid inspired mechanics
• Soundtrack is completely classical music
• In contrary to every 2D platformer ever, this platformer is going in the left direction
• Every time when Ungrodo touches the ground - it shakes a bit (because he is a heavy, little fellow)
• No ads

Through this game I’m trying also to raise awareness about deforestation and clearing Earth's forests on a massive scale worldwide, which happens for many reasons, but most of them are related to money.

“Is that a walking sandwich?”
- Darnelle February

“Superhot: the reversed platformer edition”
- Eissa Hussain
Bullet Force
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Боевики Бесплатно
Bullet Force is a fast-paced modern action FPS. The best multiplayer First Person Shooter of 2017. This top action FPS has 4 exciting multiplayer game modes, including Free for All, Team Deathmatch, Gun Game, and Conquest (Capture flags).

Customize your loadout with skins, primary, secondary, and throwable weapons. Unlock and equip perks to give your class an extra edge. Amazing gun and player skins show off your unique style. Take out your enemies using a variety of primary weapons including snipers, sub-machine guns, and assault rifles. Switch to a handgun or butterfly knife to finish them off.

Customize your Player name and clan tag. In game chat to cheer each other on. 7 incredible maps provide a ton a FPS variety from game to game. Yielded by many as the best First Person Shooter multiplayer experience.

Create your own password protected lobby for friendly or clan battles, or join an existing lobby through Quick Play mode. Unique player names and custom clan tags let players know who you are and who you represent on the battlefield.
Force Reborn: The Frontier Breach (full Edition)
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Боевики 229 р.
Far across the future in another universe. The human race "Terrans" lived among new colonies advancing into new technologies. Now the resources at grown weak Terrans are in research with new power resource however they are not alone. Another alien race "Necros" envy the Terrans for its resourcefulness and try to steal their technology.
An adventurer named Axis Brandspear of the Terrans in search for relics across the galaxies now has a new quest that others have never faced before. Now he faces countless of Necros that stands in his way.

- Powerful Warships to defeat the enemies.
- Tune Up your ship with upgrades to become powerful.
- Power Grinding Level Up system that unlocks new attacks.
- Neat combo points that releases nice Rewards.
- lots of various enemies and epic boss fights.
- Challenge your friends in Leaderboards.
- Lots of achievements to gain.
- Game movie scenes that tells a story.

-Force reborn is an RPG (role playing game) based system in a top view shooter game. It allows the player to level up that gives increase in the player stats for life, damage and critical strike rating. It also has a neat combo points when you hit enemy fast and gain rewards by making large points. It also has a story that spice up the gaming experience. Lots of enemy, chapters and challenges that is worth playing.

-The game is as simple as dragging your warship using your fingers to move around the scene. It can be dragged in a close distance and still see the warship. The warship will automatically attack to destroy your enemies.

-Each warship has different strength in Life, Damage, Attack speed and Critical strike ratings. New warship can be unlocked by collecting Coins that can be collected by destroying enemies and bosses. Coins can also be purchased.

-In addition to powerful warships. You can tune up your ship to become powerful. Life, Damage, and Critical strike ratings can increase the warships. The upgrade will apply to any warship you select.

-The Player can Level up by destroying enemies. The Pilot can gain extra Life, Damage and Critical strike ratings. In addition to stats you also unlock new power up skills.

-Power ups gains additional attack to the warship. If your level goes higher newer power ups are being activated. All power ups has their own unique advantage.

-The enemies comes different in every stage. They carry different strength and attacks. They also come in teams and formations that are quite a challenge.

-Each Boss has their own attack and strength. Each new warship you choose will will over the next Boss.

-The game also carries a story that comic and sci-fi fanatics are going to look forward to. They have special animations like watching a short movie series. The art is fantasy type artwork done by John A.C.E.

-There is only one in app purchase of this game to gain additional 1,000 coins. This can be purchase with real money. Coins are used to purchase Tune Up upgrades, buy new warships and can be used to revive the player when it dies in the game. It can be purchase many times. The developer is not responsible if the user uninstall the game then re-install it and loses the coins and other features of the game.

-The development and art of the game is made by John A.C.E.

To read stuff about this game, news and update you can visit the game's website:
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