The Lost Forest

The Lost Forest
Новое за март 2017
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DreamspaceGS is a team consisted of Taiwanese developers, therapeutic fairy tales game.
Into nepenthic forest to looking for those part of memory.

When little girl wake up from the dream, she realize that she has been forsook.
Here’s no blue lake but blue trees, no sun but eternal moon.
There’s a cub stare at her with the ice-snow blue eyes behind the tree.
Everything is so quiet, it seems in another world……
…… No, she isn’t sure. Because she just can’t remember anything.

Suddenly, the memories fell……
In that moment, she felt something in the air such like ancient force.
She didn’t get it, but through these memory balls she fells their emotion.
So she look up and listening those happiness or heartbroken memories lost in this forest.

Game introduction
Player will play the role of little girl, listening all the memories in this forest.

Into forest there’s only one minute sober time. When the game start the white bird will lead a variety of memory balls to appear. Player only need to pick the same color button with the fallen balls then can earn the score if delete whole line can add timing in forest. And if the white wolf have enough energy can summon the bluebird to bring more memory ball. It can accumulating score quickly and also can pause the time for a while. Wanna unlock the category to realize the story quickly you need to obtain more score.

Game Features
.Therapeutic fairy tales game.
.To break the memory ball into pieces.
.An illustration category collect.
.A variety of resplendent skill effect.



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