Aftershock - Tactical Card Combat

Aftershock - Tactical Card Combat
Новое за март 2017
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You scavenge the surface of the ruined world to help your people survive. But you can't do it alone. You reached out to an alternate reality where your world wasn't destroyed - and the only one who can help you... is you.

Aftershock is a tactical card combat game where your location & activity, and the real world affect what your character does in game.

- Fight enemies in strategic, accessible card combat.
- Adventure Mode - a CUSTOM single-player adventure is built around YOUR activity, using Motion & Activity and Location data, as well as real-world information like your local weather. Your life affects the game!
- Party Up with friends to boost your stats & earn more rewards.
- Level up, upgrade your character, and find new gear.
- Fight other players in the Arena! Asynchronous multiplayer battles let you jump in and out of games instantly.

Aftershock was designed to fit your busy life.

- Play in short bursts. No time commitment required.
- No tedious deckbuilding.
- No "metagame" where only one play style can win.
- Every character evolves differently.

For Adventure Mode, access to Motion & Fitness data, as well as Location data is required.

Optimized for phones, not tablets, and requires an M7 processor or greater.
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