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Phantom Rift
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Phantom Rift
Издатель/Разработчик: Foursaken Media
The Phantom Rift: a dark, ethereal world filled with mystery and powerful magic. You don't know how or why you are there, only that you must find a way back to the True World at any and all costs...

Phantom Rift is an adventure/RPG with a unique battle system (inspired by Mega Man Battle Network), hundreds of spells to collect and use, endless equipment combinations to customize your wizard with, and much more. Explore a vast over world, interact with ethereal wisps, take on side quests, journey through dungeons, collect loot, and take part in skill based, strategic battles!


• Innovative battle system, mixing elements from card battlers, real time action/RPGs, and turn based RPGs (inspired by Mega Man Battle Network)
• Dark, ethereal atmosphere
• Over 300 spells to collect
• Thousands of pieces of equipment to find, each with unique stats, abilities, and appearance
• Customize the way your wizard plays and looks
• Speak with NPCs to learn more about the lore, embark on side quests, and explore the vast world of the Phantom Rift
• Tons of dungeons to conquer, each with unique enemies and powerful bosses
• Unique, seamless PvP multiplayer integration
• Cloud saving
• iOS7 controller support
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Radgil # 218:1911.09.2014 + -
Посмотрел видео в новости тут http://app-s.ru/news....10-6940
И че-то я совсем не понимаю, как тут бой может происходить в реальном времени. Такое чувство, что обман какой-то)))
Форум app-s » Основное » Игры для iPhone, iPad » Phantom Rift (От Foursaken Media для iPhone и iPad)
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