Скидки в App Store на 29 августа: мрачная «Sunless Sea», «Battle Riders», «Mahluk: Dark demon» и другие

Скидки в App Store ananka 29.08.2017 0
Скидки в App Store на 29 августа: мрачная «Sunless Sea», «Battle Riders», «Mahluk: Dark demon» и другие
Каждый день в App Store распродаются десятки игр и программ для iPhone и iPad, а некоторые из них раздаются совершенно бесплатно. Сегодня мрачная история о выживании команды моряков «Sunless Sea» от студии Failbetter Games, «Battle Riders», «Mahluk: Dark demon» и другие.

Рубрика «Скидки в App Store» – это попытка привлечь внимание читателей app-s.ru к наиболее интересным, на наш взгляд, приложениям, которые временно стали совершенно бесплатными или цены на которые существенно снизились.

Sunless Sea
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Категория: Игры, Ролевые игры, Приключения 749p. ► 529 р.

Failbetter’s award-winning PC game is now on iOS! Take the helm of your steamship and set sail for the unknown. Sunless Sea is a game of discovery, loneliness and frequent death, set in the award-winning Victorian Gothic universe of Fallen London.

If the giant crabs, sentient icebergs and swarms of bats don’t get you, madness and cannibalism certainly will. But that old black ocean beckons, and there’s loot for the brave souls who dare to sail her.

Betray your crew, sell your soul to a Devil, marry your sweetheart. Survive long enough and you’ll achieve your life’s ambition.

You will die, but your legacy will live on…


- A deep, compelling world packed with 350,000+ words of stories and secrets. Find your father’s bones. Determine London’s destiny. Defy the gods of the deep sea.

- Beautiful, hand drawn art: castles of sparkling ice, prisons perched on lily pads, fog-shrouded lighthouses and the DAWN MACHINE.

- Your captain will die. But you can pass on resources from one generation to the next. Acquire a family home and a hoard of heirlooms. Build up your own story across generations of zailors who braved the sea and lost - or won...

- Real-time combat against ships and Zee-beasts, spider-crewed dreadnoughts and sentient icebergs.

- Light and dark, terror and madness: stray too far from the gas-lamps of civilisation and your crew will grow fearful and eventually lose their sanity.

- Upgrade your steamship with powerful engines, cannons and pneumatic torpedo guns. (Or buy a bigger, better ship.)

- Hire unique officers like the Haunted Doctor and the Irrepressible Cannoneer. Each has a story to tell, if you can draw it out of them.

- Choose a ship’s mascot: the Comatose Ferret, the Wretched Mog, the Elegiac Cockatoo, and more!

- Trade or smuggle silk and souls, mushroom wine and hallucinogenic honey.


- “Absolutely the best writing in any video game since, well, as long as I can remember.” (10/10 – PCGamesN)

- “A very compelling and satisfying adventure... The realm of possibilities seems endless, and every time I set sail I find something new.” (9/10 – Destructoid)

- “Sunless Sea's method of storytelling isn't unique, but it has never been realised with such impact and elegance.” (10/10 – Eurogamer)
Battle Riders
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Категория: Игры, Гонки, Боевики 299p. ► 149 р.
Battle your way to first place in this amazing combat racing game! It offers adrenaline pumping, high-octane action and a lot of fun! No in-app purchases.

TOUCHARCADE - 9.0 - "Wreck And Roll Racing"
POCKETGAMER - 8.0 - "A compelling and satisfying post-apocalyptic arcade racer"
148APPS - 8.0 - "Battle Riders is a slick, well-made take on vehicular manslaughter"
APPSPY - 8.0 - "Battle Riders delivers aggressive, compelling races with explosive gunplay"
ARCADELIFE - 9.0 - "Full Speed Winner"

Metal and 64 bit support deliver amazing graphics and effects, enabling full real-time lighting and shadows.

Win races and complete the career mode, which spans over 120 events. Unlock new racing tiers, enabling higher speed and better weapons.

Hit the tracks in 6 racing modes: Duel, Battle Race, Survival, Elimination, Clean Race and Time Trial.

Choose from 7 unique cars, specially built to sustain the challenges of combat racing. Upgrades and customizations are also available.

Powerful weapons from 5 different types: Machinegun, Missiles, Mines, EMP and Raygun.

Blast your way to greatness on 9 tracks across 3 different environments. Each track also features a reversed version, for a total of 18 tracks.

By completing tiers you also unlock fun challenge modes: Time Attack, Minefield and Barrels.

Choose tilt control, arrows or on-screen joystick to drive and blast away the competition.

Unlock great achievements and compete for the first place on the Wrecks Leaderboard.

Universal, works on all devices starting with the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3 (except the 8 GB version) and iPad 1. Some features are not available on older devices.

Note: The game does not have multiplayer.


Mahluk: Dark demon
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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Боевики 15p. ► Бесплатно
Mahluk is an hack and slash platformer game that includes the pixel art style.

Run, jump and slash your way through a vast world of platforming challenges and embark on an epic adventure! The mobile hack and slash adventure game and a 2d pixel platformer, now also available for phones and tablets.Help him on his adventure to stand against darkness and bring back the peace and serenity that once was.

A dark civilisation that lived long before mankind. And a king powerful enough to rule the devil. Kindar. He ruled his world with cruelty for 3000 years. He sent the men who did not surrender to the underground kingdom filled with pain and torture. No one could come back. But only a mysterious person managed to escape. According to legend, he was an assassin. Or, an exiled king to some. He was overcoming every obstacle in his path and moving towards to Kindar’s castle with anger and vengeance in his red eyes. Evil forces could no longer stop him.
If you enjoyed those classic hack and slash platformer 8 bit adventure games, then you’re going to love this. Forget to connect or search for your old consoles, you will be able to revive the nostalgic childhood memories on your ios device!

** ! Play With The Most Fearless Adventurer, Be The Hero, and Join The Quest To Save The dark Planet Now!
Our old retro style addicting game will be now one of your top favorite adventure games. As we want to keep the vintage style platformer, you don´t need an internet connection to play. Lovingly designed, we conjure up the spirit of old school adventure games giving an epic twist to the story so you can feel you´re still enjoying the most famous brothers saga on new adventures, with new enemies and new characters in this platform

• Explore a magical realm of dungeons, mountains, treasures and devious monsters.
• Gain experience and level up your character.
+ Lots of dark environments and monsters.

• Find powerful weapons, items and spells to defeat your enemies.
• Venture into gloomy caves and dungeons to discover powerful hidden swords.

• Fluid and challenging platforming gameplay designed specifically for mobile devices.
• Precise touch controls optimized for smartphones and tablets.
• Customize the controls to your preference.


- No ads
- 15 handcrafted adventure levels
- 3 "End Of Act" bosses
- Over 30 different enemies like: zombies, monsters and flying creatures
- 4 different weapons.
-gamecenter leaderboard
-Premium game. No IAP or ads ever.
Space Pilot 2094
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Категория: Игры, Аркады, Развлечения 149p. ► 75 р.

“A fun little game taking retro back to the days of the LCD handheld... well worth the quarter of a pint of beer it cost me.”

“If you remember the Game & Watch titles you’ll love this. The attention to detail is stunning!”

“The graphical look, feel and timing is absolutely spot on.”

Space Pilot 2094 is the first in a new range of Game & Watch inspired, retro LCD games that have all been carefully designed from the ground up to look, feel, sound and play authentically. Just like the original hand-held games from the '80s – they will be easy to pick up, but difficult to master!

In Space Pilot 2094 you must guide your ship left and right, avoiding the falling asteroids while keeping an eye on your fuel level – which can be topped up whenever the tank appears at the bottom of the screen. Run out of fuel and it’s game over. Hit three asteroids – time to call Houston! As the obstacles increase and things speed up the game will get difficult, but never impossible, thanks to the clever patterns you can learn from repeated plays.

Can you ‘clock’ the game by reaching a score of 999 and resetting everything back to zero?

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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Аркады 75p. ► Бесплатно
ПРЕДСТАВЛЯЕМ НОВОЕ СЛОВО В ЖАНРЕ РЕЗАЛЬНЫХ ИГР! Эта игра создана в инди-студии, в которой разрабатывались игры Bike Baron, Minigore и Ice Rage.

Жил-был когда-то шеф один,
Великий кулинар!
Дружил он с магией кастрюль,
И с химией приправ.

Но что произошло потом,
Не знал никто вокруг.
Ослепший шеф исчез во тьме,
Страдая сотней мук.

И стал он делать королей,
С ванилью и мукой,
И оживлять их без причин,
Печалью и тоской.

Спустя века молчания злобный создатель королей вернулся. С помощью своих десяти кукольных королей он захватил Остров Сердец, разрушив некогда прекрасное место. Вкусный но безжалостный король Кекс был поставлен править Южным Королевством. Зловоние графа Сыра на замковом кладбище делает жизнь в окружающем лесу невозможной. Ну а самый ужасный из них, Король Дино, устроил себе логово на вершине адского вулкана. Нарежьте армии создателя королей, разблокируйте новые великолепные миры и собирайте волшебные брелоки, чтобы стать самым сильным из всех королей!

KingHunt — это игра с превосходной графикой уровня консоли с частотой 60 кадров в секунду, инновационной для мобильных устройств! Поверьте нам и посмотрите сами: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yIO2QKOUOg

- Ваши пальцы обладают великой силой: заморозка, цепная взрывчатка и призыв метеоритных дождей.
- 200 различных врагов: прыгающие, летающие, плавающие и спускающиеся на веревках!
- 12 невероятных миров: открывайте и отбивайте земли у создателя королей.
- 100 волшебных брелоков: собирайте их, чтобы стать величайшим охотником на королей в Game Center!
- 110 заданий и 76 достижений: чтобы побеждать друзей и хвастаться в Game Center.
- DST (Dynamic Slicing Technology, технология динамической нарезки): бесконечное количество вариантов нарезки благодаря четырем степеням свободы.

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