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Скидки в App Store 11 июня
Каждый день в App Store распродаются десятки игр и программ для iPhone и iPad, еще часть раздается совершенно бесплатно. Конечно, не все предложения вызывают интерес, но часть из них однозначно заслуживает внимания.

Однако пока наберется достаточное количество игр и программ, их стоимость может измениться. Поэтому рекомендуем вам не ждать появления подборки, а следить за обновление раздела «Скидки в App Store» самостоятельно.

Prison Run and Gun
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Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Боевики 229p. ► 29 р.
Prison Run and Gun is a retro puzzle platformer with modern gameplay and mechanics.

The recent events in a state prison, involving Jake from Hot Guns Team was a perfect moment for some prisoners to escape - you are one of them.

Use your skills and the guns to break through 30 sections standing between you and the freedom !

The game supports MFI controllers
Seul.(Alone) The entrée - CYOA
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Категория: Игры, Книги, Приключения 149p. ► 75 р.
"Macabre and strange, it's not like anything else you've played before." -148apps.com
"This is a game that defies convention to deliver a philosophical thriller that is arranged a bit like a dream. There's a detective storyline that is easy to grasp on to, and then mixed with elements of nihilism, existentialism, surrealism, solipsism and absurdism mixed with pure horror." - AppAdvice.com
"Seul.(Alone) ticks all those boxes & is up there as one of the finer ‘choose your own adventure’ style games." 7/10 - GBHBL.

Seul.(Alone) is a philosophical thriller, containing horror elements. A subsistence where characters dwell. It is a choose your own adventure type of game but there are mysteries to solve and connections to unfold. Journey through here but remember you may not stay.

Looking deeper at Seul.(Alone) it is a philosophical thriller, meaning it is a thriller based on thrilling philosophical ideas and contains horror elements. From nihilism, existentialism, surrealism, solipsism and absurdism. A narrative told with these ideas kept in mind. I wanted to play on these thoughts but also present some Lynchian kind of world where nothing makes much sense at first glance but as one adapts to it, when it manages to invade itself into you. You begin to see that mostly everything is staged within the game for a reason, a motivation sits behind every image and sentence.

Seul.(Alone) is aimed to be a detective styled game where every choice has weight and you can feel that but I also wanted it to be about nothing. Like how dreams can feel at times. It seems so heavy and important to the dreamer while the dream is happening but when one wakes it seems to lose all its importance or even its sensibility. The weight of it has dissipated and you are left with this odd out of place feeling while you lay there replaying the memory of the dream you just had.
But at times those dreams can still affect you if you lay there and really begin to pull them apart and ask why, what was the reason for that? Where did those thoughts come from? What is my subconscious communicating, where are the links to my life? Now you are studying the dream… and there’s a whole ocean of stuff behind that now, connections, motivations and meanings. This is what I want to achieve in Seul.(Alone) and you mostly ever find yourself studying those areas of your life when you are truly Seul.(Alone).
The Ancients AR
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Категория: Игры, Стратегии 529p. ► 229 р.
Lead the mighty alliance of the Ancients – powerful gigantic creatures and the people behind them – to victory! Wage ferocious sea battles, commanding a fleet of diverse ships, and tactically using the magical powers of the Ancients! These extremely powerful giants will help you defeat the invaders. Make them cast lightning bolts and fireballs, freeze the enemy’s ships or summon a fire-spitting flying dragon! Enhance their legendary skills further to crush the opponent’s fleet.

The Ancients AR is one the first real-time strategy games for ARKit, combining its unique capabilities with stunning art and graphics, exciting gameplay and a compelling storyline. The game requires great leadership, a variety of tactical skills, but also a great amount of dexterity to effectively lead your ships. The player is given a wide selection of options and tactical choices which can lead to victory.
Play the game in AR Mode and view the battlefield - a piece of the ocean – on your own desk or living room floor, and experience sea battles more realistically than ever before! Show off your amazing victories on social media through videos and images! #AncientsAR

Key Features:

- Real-time strategy mechanics put players in the heart of the action,
- Stunning special effects make the most of augmented reality,
- Epic sea battles rage on as players cast the Ancient’s arcane magic,
- High-quality graphics and crisp sound bring the Ancients to life
Monument Valley 2
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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Приключения 379p. ► 149 р.
Проведите мать и ее дитя через мир волшебной архитектуры, открывая иллюзорные пути, решая восхитительные головоломки и постигая секреты Священной Геометрии.

Продолжение «Игры 2014 года» по версии Apple, игра Monument Valley 2 — это совершенно новое приключение в прекрасном мире невозможного.

Помогите Ро обучить дочку всем тайнам долины, исследуя потрясающие уровни и управляя архитектурными объектами, чтобы провести их к цели.


«Чуть изобретательнее, чем предыдущая игра», — WIRED

«Короткие эпизоды в сюрреалистичном мире, который превосходит самые смелые ожидания и дарит неподдельную радость», — POLYGON

«Графика и звуки меня просто пленили», — DESTRUCTOID

«Одна из самых увлекательных игр на любых устройствах — не только на мобильных», — POCKETGAMER


Это совершенно новая история во вселенной Monument Valley. Чтобы с удовольствием играть в Monument Valley 2 не требуется опыт игры в Monument Valley.

Наслаждайтесь роскошными уровнями с иллюзорными, медитативными головоломками и наблюдайте, как совершенно по-новому взаимодействуют персонажи.

В игре эклектично сочетаются разные архитектурные стили, художественные направления и методы, рождая ошеломительные геометрические конструкции.

Окунитесь в интерактивный океан звуков, идеально дополняющих каждый шаг Ро и ее дочери.


Игра Monument Valley 2 совместима только с устройствами под управлением iOS версии не ниже 9.
Portal Walk
Снижение цены
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Аркады 75p. ► Бесплатно
Обладатель бронзовой награды по версии PocketGamer - 7/10
TouchArcade Топ-3 самых горячих игр Августа

Portal Walk - игра о приключениях Юджина, застрявшего между мирами. Он ищет дорогу домой. Входите в портал, и присоединяйтесь к незабываемому приключению по мирам. Ищите ключи, разгадывайте загадки, сражайтесь с врагами, собирайте энергию и защищайте себя!

- игра в жанре приключенческий платформер
- 18 больших уровней, 2 главы по разным мирам
- битвы с Боссами
- атмосферная музыка и звуки, лучше играть со звуком
- стикеры для iMessage
- Game Center
Strike Team Hydra
Снижение цены
Категория: Игры, Боевики, Ролевые игры 599p. ► 75 р.
- Rated 4.5 / 5 Stars by Touch Arcade
- Rated 4 / 5 Stars by Pocket Tactics
- Rated 5 / 5 by MyBoxedUniverse
- Rated 9 / 10 by KickMyGeek


You are the commander of an elite Strike Team aboard the warship, HYDRA. Your first combat mission will have you leading your team in vicious ship-to-ship battles against the Sethari, a mysterious alien race whose soldiers are genetically bred for war.

In this tactical role playing game, you are the commanding officer of a squad of soldiers from the far future. Command each warrior and use cover, suppressive fire, advanced weapons and iron will to defeat the enemy. Always outnumbered, your soldiers will depend on your tactical brilliance to prevail.

• COVER: Use barricades and barrels as cover for your soldiers. Less conventional force fields and tachyon fields can also grant a tactical edge to those that hold them.

• SUPPRESSION: Use suppressive fire to pin enemy soldiers in place before finishing them off in close assault or with a well-placed grenade.

• ACTION POINTS: Every action, including movement, attacks and special abilities, requires action points. Spend them wisely to achieve victory.

• MORALE: Your soldiers and the enemy are affected by their courage and determination. If the battle goes well, they fight with grit and determination. If it goes badly, they will focus more on saving themselves than the mission at hand.

Play through a campaign featuring 28 intense firefights including various mission objectives and grueling boss fights. An additional 20 combat missions are available to hone your skills.

*** Requires an iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad Mini 3 or newer. Will not work on earlier devices.

Follow us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wavelightgames
Follow us on Twitter: @wavelightgames
White Night
Снижение цены
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Развлечения 379p. ► 29 р.
After your car mysteriously crashes in the forest, you find shelter in an old and sinister mansion. As you explore your surroundings, strange events start to occur around you. Do you have the courage to unveil the house’s macabre past? Little by little, investigate, gather information and discover what lurks in the dark…

“White Night. Black-and-white, Hitchcock-esque, and very cool.” – Kotaku
“White Night will scare you in style!” – Hardcore Gamer
“White Night Is Beautifully Unnerving” – Rock, Paper, Shotgun

HORROR ON MOBILES - The critically acclaimed survival horror comes back in a mobile version that features revamped controls, an adjusted saving system as well as an overhauled interface.

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE NOIR - Discover a unique black & white art style inspired by masterpieces of the film noir genre.

UNVEIL THE PAST - Investigate a nearby dilapidated mansion and interact with your surroundings in search of aid and answers.

SOLVE PUZZLES OF LIGHT & SHADOWS - Collect matches to light your way and solve puzzles based on the use of light.

AVOID APPARITIONS - Confront the nightmares of the past on an adventure in which darkness is the enemy… and darkness is everywhere.

CLASSIC SURVIVAL HORROR EXPERIENCE - White Night is both a survival horror with its own identity and an homage to classic horror titles such as "Alone in the Dark".

Filled with psychological horror and melancholy, the story of the game will unfold as the player discovers the dark events which built the manor a past, spinning a yarn in the style of an old noir story that you would be reading at candle light. Plunge into the mysteries of White Night!

White Night is optimized for iPhone X.

Visit us at: www.playdigious.com
Follow us on Twitter @playdigious
Like us on Facebook /playdigious
If you experience any problem with White Night, please contact our customer support team at playdigious@gmail.com. Don't forget to specify which device and operating system you are using.
Island Delta
Снижение цены
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Головоломки 229p. ► 29 р.
** Поддерживаемые устройства: как минимум iPhone 5 и новее, как минимум iPad 4, как минимум iPad mini 2 **

Island Delta — это захватывающая и динамичная приключенческая игра, в которой тебе предстоит с помощью мощного антигравитационного оружия победить опасных врагов, решать головоломки и избегать опасные ловушки. Исследуй ретро-футуристический мир вместе с Зоей и Бакстером. Отправься на опасную миссию и дай отпор злобному доктору Гундерсону и его механическим приспешникам.

* Решай забавные и интересные головоломки.
* Взламывай системы безопасности и устраивай диверсии.
* Захватывающий сюжет с неожиданными поворотами и искрометным юмором.
* Три уникальных главы более чем с 30 уровнями.
* Находи скрытые зоны и особые предметы, чтобы открыть бонусные уровни.
* Оригинальная музыка.
* Красивые локации.
* Универсальное приложение с поддержкой iCloud.
* Премиум-игра без рекламы и встроенных покупок.

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