Undergrad Anatomy by Regions

Undergrad Anatomy by Regions
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Take a 3D course in anatomy with 3D4Medical. You can also study the anatomy by system in our app, ‘Undergrad Anatomy by Systems’.

Learn like never before with over 19 hours of incredible interactive content! Register to download your Course from the cloud and access the content on multiple devices.

Presented by a team of 7 top anatomical experts from leading universities, this regional anatomy Course in Undergraduate Human Anatomy guides you through an introduction to the key concepts and principles of human gross anatomy, covering the main body regions in individual modules.

Choose from a range of 7 modules and 40 lectures to experience each of the body regions in magnificent 3D.

Follow the interactive Recordings, with audio from our experts, to become familiar with different regions of the body, such as Back; Lower Limb; Upper Limb; Head & Neck; Thorax; Abdomen; and Pelvis, and pause the playback at any point to explore the anatomy in more detail. Review Screens summarize the Lecture and include extra study notes to enhance your understanding of the material. Test your knowledge with unique Quizzes created for each Lecture.

Upon completion of this course, participants can expect to be able to use anatomical terms correctly, discuss key anatomical concepts and identify structures of a given anatomical region.

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