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*** Zombato is optimized for iPhone 5 and newer devices!***

What the press says:

"Hard but fun!"
"The best way to survive a zombie apocalypse [...] Go on, give it a go!" - pocketgamer.co.uk
"Crazy and visually appealing zombie-smacking game!" - iplayapps.de
"Simply the best zombie game with an ice cream truck in it. Period." - IndieApps

***No In-App-Purchases, no Ads!***

The apocalypse like you’ve never experienced it! As the last human survivor, you have only one extra-powerful weapon that you can use against the undead: your ice cream truck! On your last journey into oblivion, you only need one kind of driving style: putting the pedal to the metal!

With lots of skills and endurance, you mow down as many zombies as possible and watch their blood spray off your windshield. But be careful! Your truck will only survive a single fatal crash!

It’s too late for compromises. And for brakes. Let’s get started!


- awesome driving physics
- random zombie spawning
- zombie hordes
- engaging gameplay
- great music
- 4 detailled maps
- Gamecenter integration: compare highscores with players worldwide!

Optimized for iPhone 5!

Oh, and one last warning: this game is as addictive as hell!
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