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Writedown is a minimalistic text editor for distraction-free writing.

## Writedown (Mac version) is also available on the Mac App Store. ##

# Tips & tricks

- Swipe down with one finger to hide the keyboard.
- Swipe right with one finger to reveal the Documents menu.
- Tap the Status Bar to scroll the entire text to top.
- Swipe with two fingers or shake your device for undo/redo actions.
- Tap and hold any keyboard button to reveal alternate marks.

# Features

- Text editing with live markdown syntax highlighting.
- In-app preview for Markdown and MultiMarkdown documents.
- Fast and responsive editing even for large files.
- iCloud sync across all your Mac, iPad and iPhone devices.
- GoTo menu for super-fast document scrolling.
- Beautiful themes: Light, Sunset, Dusk and Night.
- Keyboard bar with markdown marks and arrow keys.

# Export options

- E-mail as text or HTML.
- "Open in other app" option.
- Print as text or HTML.
- Post to Twitter or Facebook.
- Send as text message.
- Share text via AirDrop.

# Please note

Writedown is designed to be as easy as possible so it works with plain text files only (like .txt and .md). Writedown doesn't support .doc, .docx or .rtf files.

# Contacts

If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact us at http://serpensoft.info
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