Verses - Bible Memory

Verses - Bible Memory
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Start easily memorizing more Scripture with Verses!

(Now with KJV, NLT & ESV)

Memorize quickly and easily with fast-paced memory games. Stay motivated by tracking your progress over time using global memory health tracking.

Verses helps you memorize and retain scripture using a series of memory games:

1...ABSORB the verse
2...MEMORIZE the verse
3...RECALL the verse

That's it!

The games in Verses make Scripture memory engaging and fast-paced. Start playing and, before you realize it, you've memorized your passage!

Use Verses for...
+ General Scripture memory
+ Small group Scripture memory
+ Topical memory lists
+ Class memory
+ Bible studies
+ Competitive memorization (Bible Quizzing, Quiz Bowl, etc.)

Verses helps you track your memorization work using a one-of-a-kind progress indicator for every verse, chapter, and book. TRACK YOUR PROGRESS as you work through a lifetime of Scripture memory and see how much you have memorized!

Then, after memorizing a passage, Verses tracks your MEMORY HEALTH to help you maximize retention while minimizing workload.

Key Features:
+ 5 powerful MEMORY GAMES (with more to come!)
+ ADAPTIVE LEARNING that increases the difficulty based on your progress
+ Memorize with FRIENDS and track each others’ progress with collections
+ Memorize any verse in any included translation
+ Memorize MULTIPLE VERSES at once, up to a full chapter at a time
+ Track MEMORY HEALTH over time
+ Review verses when the memory health gets low
+ TRACK PROGRESS in verses, chapters, and books
+ Sync your memorization progress across UNLIMITED DEVICES
+ SAVE your memory progress so you will never lose your work
+ Memorize with ESV, NLT, and KJV

Made with <3 in Lexington, Kentucky.

(c) 2014 Verses, Ltd. Co.
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