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Категория: Игры, Боевики, Аркады 119p. ► Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
■ "A hidden gem." - AppAdvice
■ "My brain hurts", "devilishly difficult. It looks beautiful." - TA Member Review
■ "It is incredibly challenging and because of that... addictive." - App Store Review

PLEASE NOTE- does not run on iPhone 4.

qub is a minimalist game experience designed to challenge players young and old. In single player, you'll control two synced qubs whose movements are mirrored. Avoid collisions and blast enemies to earn the ultimate high score!

Grab a friend (or foe) and play shared screen multiplayer on the iPad, where you'll battle to outlast your opponent and win rounds! The highest scoring player at the end takes the cake and gets to eat it too.


■ Single Player Mode with Endless Replay
■ Addicting Shared Screen Multiplayer On iPad
■ Buttery Smooth 60 Frames Per Second
■ iCade Arcade Cabinet Support
■ 3 Difficulty Settings
■ Global Leaderboards, Achievements, Challenges and Social Sharing With Game Center
■ Original Music
■ Anti-Aliasing for Crispy Goodness

IMPORTANT: Requires iOS 6.0 or newer. Supports iPad 2 or newer and iPhone 4S or newer.

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