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Draw with points and turn your pictures into geometric array of colours.

This project is inspired by the Triangulation invented by the mathematician Boris Delaunay in 1934. While the process behind is complicated, the result reduce an image to its essentials, creating the illusions of triangles, prisms and pyramids.

Features :
· Take and load pictures.
· Draw, Erase, Undo.
· Different rendering styles : flat, wireframe, point, color blending.
· Save to your Photo Library.
· Portrait and Landscape mode.

Demo :

For support :

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"FWA Mobile of the Day"

"The Most Enjoyable iPad Graphics App You Can Buy For a Buck" - Gizmodo

"Fun iPad Photo App Based on Boring Science" - Wired

"We dig this!" - Designcollector

"The artistically inclined will undoubtedly find Poly mesmerizing..." - CultOfMac

"You, too, can now render yourself as a SegaSaturn character — all you need is an iPad and a dollar." - The Verge

"Poly, an innovative new iPad app, transforms ordinary photos into a constellation of colors with the swipe of a finger." - Portable

"A cool new iPad app everyone's talking about that takes any picture and turns it into a fascinating polygonal piece of art." - Business Insider

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