Onion Knight

Onion Knight
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Onion-Knight, which still in develop is a free ARPG game for the IOS. We would like to use this opportunity to share this game. We will continue to add new content (Such as scenes, characters, spells, items, etc.). We will build and improve our game based on your feedback.

The story happened in a dark age, with no hero in existence. The main character is a knight from fantasy; a heroic knight who often times behaves absurdly. However, there is nothing that can stop him from chasing his dreams.


A free and an ARPG.

-A fantastic role-playing game for the IOS including excellent graphics and awesome gameplay.

- The player will encounter many fights with the devil. There are many unique maps to explore, for example, Screaming Cemetery, Dead Desert, Silent Jokul, and Quiet Forest, with many more maps under development.

- Players can choose to play different roles. In the future, the player can choose to even play as the devil.

- Several challenges await, such as difficult boss battles.

- Battle against a variety of enemies. The player can use different types of weapons, items, and spells. They can fight like the legendary knight.


If you have any question(bug,suggest,problem...etc) could post to here
Also you could post your game of honor or funny picture that share to other players.
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