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Легко аннотации
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The first side-by-side PDF editor.
Read, annotate, and compare two pdf documents simultaneously.
You can even link pdfs to create references! Studying with multiple documents has never been easier.

Download Easy Annotate for free now to start studying the easy way...

The Netherlands, Korea, Mexico, Costa Rica, Estonia and Finland

"If you ever find the need to work with and view two documents at the same time, Easy Annotate is a fantastic app." - iPhoneJD.com
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"I love this app ... Thank you so much for creating this for us"
"I'm learning a foreign language so to use an English PDF and the same pdf in a foreign language has helped me SIGNIFICANTLY!!"
"wow, I mean WOW!! what a marvelous app to make comparisons and edit documents on the go."
"This app is perfect and very clever. I never expected encountering an app like this. Very useful and efficient."
"Managing and editing PDF files on the iPad with this app couldn't get any better."
"perfect app for professionals PDF viewer and editor!!! ... love it"
"So easy, so efficient. Only app out there like it. Excellent!"
"perfect pdf app. very useful. very nice interface. great design."
"Side on side is rock!"


With Easy Annotate, you can:

Open two pdfs next to each other to review, compare, annotate, study or lookup references.

Link documents to create references for easy lookup.
Tap the link later to automatically open the linked document next to the referring one.

Highlight, underline, note, draw or squiggle - Annotate pdfs your way.
You can even add sounds, signatures, stamps and images.

Export your documents to your Dropbox, Google Drive or WebDAV account, or send them to iTunes.
Email pdfs to your colleagues. Print pdfs with annotations directly from Easy Annotate for easy sharing.

Bookmarks, outline displays, multiple view modes, full dictionary support, text-to-speech, and more...


Easy Annotate is the only app you’ll ever need to review and annotate pdf documents. With countless features and a unique dual screen interface, Easy Annotate will be sure to fill all of your editing needs. Editing, reviewing, comparing and contrasting all become simple and easy with Easy Annotate. 
Try Easy Annotate for yourself today, and be amazed!

We hope you enjoy Easy Annotate as much as we do.
Have questions, problems, or feedback?
Reach out to us at support@easy-annotate.com
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