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◉ KeyTouch requires a Mac with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy running OS X Mavericks or later, and an iOS device with Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy running iOS 8 or later. ◉

◉ Make sure you have a compatible Mac, otherwise KeyTouch will not work. ◉

Macs that are supporting Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy:
• MacBook Air from 2011 & newer
• MacBook Pro from 2012 & newer
• iMac from 2012 & newer
• Mac Mini from 2011 & newer
• Mac Pro from 2013 & newer

When you boot up KeyTouch on your Mac, you'll get notified if your Mac is compatible.

◉ ________________________________________

Unlock, lock and enter your password on your Mac with Touch ID.

Never type in your password on your Mac again with KeyTouch. KeyTouch allows you to unlock, lock and enter your password on your Mac with the Touch ID sensor in your iPhone or iPad.

If you scan your fingerprint when your Mac is locked; your Mac will unlock.
If you scan your fingerprint when your Mac is not locked; your Mac will lock.
If you scan your fingerprint when your Mac has a password prompt opened; your Mac will enter your password. Your Mac automatically knows if there's a password prompt on the foreground, so you don't have to worry about anything.

◉ ________________________________________

In the newest update of our app (v1.1) we've added a new feature in KeyTouch: KeyTouch for Websites.

KeyTouch for Websites allows you to login to websites in Safari on your Mac.
Your Mac detects if there is a compatible website on the foreground and it will notify your Mac and iOS device.

To see more info about KeyTouch for Websites, go to our website ( or open the Mac app of KeyTouch and tap 'Manage KeyTouch for Websites' in the dropdown menu.

◉ ________________________________________

KeyTouch is connecting with your Mac via Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

To connect with your Mac, you have to download our Mac app from our website ( From here, you can set KeyTouch up and let KeyTouch for Mac connect with your iOS application of KeyTouch.
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