Human Design App

Human Design App
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The only native Human Design app for iPhone, iPad and iPod. Integrating the ancient wisdom of Astrology, IChing, Kabbalah and the chakras, Human Design provides a unique view of what is defined and consistent in the human body and what is influenced by the environment.

The Human Design App supports:
- Human Design chart calculation
- Chart Save and Load functionality
- Context information about Centers, IChing gates and lines, Definition, Type, Inner Authority, Profiles, and Planets.
- Current Transits
- Time Travel functionality showing Transits for previous and future dates
- Transit Overlay - Ability to overlay current transits over any chart. Available as an In App Purchase
- Human Design Forecast - see activated channels over the next 24 hours

A Human Design Chart shows the defined and undefined Centers in the body. Each Center is responsible for a particular experience: Emotional, Instinctive, Inspiration, Thinking, Sacral, Pressure, Will Power, Identity, Manifesting.

For example, people with defined Emotional Center should listen to their emotions because the emotions they feel are their own. They must give time to the Emotional Center to process the experience and then make a decision.

On the contrary, people with undefined Emotional Center must not listen to their emotions when making decisions. The undefined Emotional Center takes the emotional energy from the environment and amplifies it.

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