Contact Mover & Account Sync

Contact Mover & Account Sync
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"Contact Mover & Account Sync" allows you to quickly and easily sync contacts between any pair of iPhone or iPad contact accounts. This app can be used in a number of creative ways. For instance, you can merge your corporate Exchange contacts into your personal local address book or vice versa. Or perhaps you want to sync your Yahoo CardDAV contacts with iCloud. Or perhaps you want to see your Facebook photos in your iCloud contacts on the web. As long as you already have a pair of contact accounts setup on your iPhone/iPad, it doesn't matter if it's an Exchange, iCloud, CardDAV, Local, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, or Hotmail account, "Contact Mover & Account Sync" can sync it!

IMPORTANT: If your intent is to sync your Gmail contacts & groups with your iPhone/iPad, please consider using "Contacts Sync for Google Gmail" at the App Store as it can sync your Google contact groups.

• Sync any type of iPhone/iPad contact account including Exchange, iCloud, CardDAV, Local, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, AOL, & Hotmail
• Features true 2-way sync that allows you to merge changes you've made to each contact account
• Choose from one of the following sync modes: 2-way sync, 1-way sync, & manual sync
• Move individual contacts only using the "manual sync" mode
• Move groups of contacts only using the "filter sync by group" settings

• During the initial sync, the contents of matching contacts in each account will be combined with each other

• Review each change before the sync actually begins

• Monitor the results of the current sync, and review the results of the last 100 synchronizations

• Syncs all fields including names, phonetic names, nicknames, email addresses, phone numbers, postal addresses, company names, job titles, departments, birthdays, anniversaries, events, notes, web page addresses, relationships, instant messaging accounts, & social profiles
• Syncs contact photos
• Syncs custom labels & custom fields

• Automatically syncs contacts in the background 24/7

• Compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod, iOS7, iOS8, iCloud, Exchange Server, CardDAV

• In the case that you need support, our friendly American customer support team usually answers emails within 4 hours
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