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​Как заполучить на свой iPhone или iPad самые лучшие игры или программы российского сегмента магазина приложений Apple и при этом не пробить дыру в кармане? Конечно, следить за скидками в App Store!

Ежедневно вручную мы отбираем для вас только самые интересные предложения. В поле внимания попадают не только популярные игры и программы, ставшие бесплатными или цены на которые были снижены. Мы также следим за ценами на малоизвестные, но не менее качественные программные продукты.

При этом важно не забывать, что купить приложение со скидкой можно лишь в рамках определенного промежутка времени. Порой очень короткого. Следите за обновлениями раздела «Скидки на игры и программы в App Store»​ и экономьте.
TraxItAll – A Goal Setting, Motivational, Habits Building, and All-in-One Daily Log / Tracking System
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Категория: Производительность, Здоровье и фитнес 66р. ► Бесплатно
For this week only, and for the first time ever, TraxItAll is free! (After this week it will go back to the regular price of $1.99.)

We want to encourage users to get ready for the New Year, and help them track their New Year’s resolutions. So, tell your friends! And be sure to check out the Video Intro on our website.

Thanks for your support, and best wishes for 2014.

There’s no other app quite like TraxItAll! It’s the only app on the store that allows you to easily track and set goals for anything that matters to you on a daily basis, all in one place! See your results using our unique “Goal Bar” report. Habits, New Year’s resolutions, fitness, health, business, study; whatever you want to track, you can track with TraxItAll.

So, give TraxItAll a try; you’re worth the investment in yourself!

“My favorite app so far - In the past I had so many problems staying motivated. Being able to track my progress has helped me so much in accomplishing my goals. This app is brilliant. I love it!”


TraxItAll’s patented, three-fold tracking system motivates you to achieve your goals by giving you a simple way to track anything day-by-day. For example:

• “Did I work out today or not?”
• “How many sales calls did I make today?”
• “How much do I weigh?”

By keeping a record of such things, TraxItAll becomes your partner, your “personal trainer,” making you accountable to yourself for doing what you said you were going to do. It’s this personal accountability that motivates you to fulfill your goals.


“Best organiser app so far for me. I've trawled the app store for apps of this nature, but traxitall trumps them all. It's a 5 star app. It's like having a PA, that’s how good this application is. Well done guys.”

“Helping me maintain my resolutions. Traxitall has given me the format for success! “

“This is one of those aps that I would just not want to be without now.”

"For the quick, simple, yet effective tracking of those things I want to keep track of several times a day or week, TraxItAll has become my app of choice."

"Was instantly useful as soon as i downloaded it."


TraxItAll follows the well-known principle that to be effective, the goals we set must be “S.M.A.R.T”:

• Specific
• Measurable
• Attainable
• Realistic
• Timely


TraxItAll uses a patented, three-fold tracking system for recording Counts, Yes/No’s, and Averages.

This means that now, instead of using one app for fitness, another for business, and still others for health, personal, and other matters, you can do all of your daily tracking in one simple, easy-to- use app!


• “Top 10 Psychology App”; ThePsychFiles.com, for its effectiveness as a motivational and goal-setting tool.

• One of “15 Psychology Apps You Should Be Using”; CareersinPsychology.org: “An incredible way to identify goals.”

• Featured in iPhone Life magazine.


The three-fold tracking method at the heart of TraxItAll is now patented! U.S. Patent No. 8,155,997.


• iOS 7 Compatible
• Track everything in one simple, easy-to-use app.
• Set goals and see your results.
• Record your daily, recurring “To Do’s.”
• Add daily notes.
• The badge reminds you today’s tasks.
• See your progress with our “Goal Bar” report or monthly progress chart.
• Share your reports via email.
• Back up your data via iTunes.
• No account set-up or internet connection needed.


• Health: What was my weight? Blood sugar? Cholesterol?
• Fitness: Did I work out? How many miles did I run? How many steps did I walk?
• Diet: How many cups of coffee? Did I eat a carrot? Avoid fast-food?
• Business: How many sales calls? Appointments? Billable hours? The value of my 401k?
• Family: How many hours of study? Practice? What was my child’s weight?
• Daily Reminders: Did I water the plants? Walk the dog?
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Enjoy while it's free for Christmas!

Cost is the most simple, elegant, fast money tracking app for managing your personal finances on the go.

Cost gives you the power to manage multiple accounts, categories, tags,
displaying your available balance on the main screen, unique data reports, export as PDF or CSV.

Main Features
- Easy to use
- Shake to Undo/Redo
- iCloud automatic sync
- Create and manage multiple accounts.
- Create and manage multiple categories.
- Passcode Lock
- Custom Date Range for reports
- Quickly add items
- Add Tag/Note
- Elegant stats and reports
- Export reports
- Transfer between accounts

Swipe left or right to change day
Pull down to add new item
Tap above categories list and enter subcategory or tag (when adding an item)
Swipe left or right to edit or delete an item
Swipe left or right in calendar view to change month
Tap an item on the report witch has more then 1 purchase/payment

This app is designed and developed individually by a passionate developer in his spare time.
After using many complicated expense tracking apps, he determined to create a much more useful one.

If you enjoy Cost, please rate it. Thanks!
Push 4.0
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Категория: Производительность, Социальные сети 169р. ► Бесплатно
Push is an iPhone/iPod/iPad application that acts as a client for the Apple Push Notification Service. We support push for Twitter, GMail, Google voice, RSS, and more! We also support multiple accounts. multiple devices, and we do not consume your Twitter API calls. Use our ready-made Twitter, Gmail, Mail and RSS notification services to instantly receive new tweets, search results, emails, RSS feeds, or create your own custom notifications with our simple REST API.


You have access to all features once you bought the application, in app purchases are for older version of the application.


Visit http://help.appnotifications.com/ for support, we're really looking for your feedback, and feature request. We care a lot about our users, this application is for you.

We CANNOT respond if you post your question or problem as a review, please send us a duplicate at support@appnotifications.com so we can reach you for asking more information. Before you buy this application, *READ* our FAQ on our website, and our blog, they have important informations you should be aware of.


Non exhaustive list:

• all settings are in-app, and available on our website.
• check push latency from the application
• send yourself notification from the application, for test purpose
• silent hour / sleeping mode during specified hours
• Facebook notifications (you must bounce your facebook emails for this to work), opens the Facebook iPhone app.
• Twitter DM in a second
• Twitter Public Timeline
• Twitter Public replies
• Twitter lists
• Twitter search on specified keywords, as many as you want!
• GMail notifications (Hint: we do not need your GMail credentials, isn't it lovely?)
• RSS feeds notifications
• Mail address, everything sent to it is notified to you, and bounced to your account email if you want to
• 17 different sounds available for notifications, you can define any service with a different sound
• Full JSON/XML API to send yourself notifications, you can define *everything* through the API, the button's value, what it does when you click on it (open a browser, Mail.app, just view the notification, etc), the sound, silent mode or not, priority, a longer notification, etc.

And more...

→ Tip: We currently support the following Osfoora, Twitter client : BirdFeed, Echofon, Echofon Pro, SimplyTweet, TweetDeck, Tweetie, Twinkle, Twittelator, Twitterfon, Twitterrific, TweetLogix, TweetStation, Twitterfon Pro, Osfoora, TwitterBirdPro, Natsulion, Tweetings, Tweetings, Icebird, Fluttr, Seesmic, Weet and more.

Follow @appnotification on Twitter.
Разрушитель зданий 3D HD: Путешествия
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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Аркады 129р. ► Бесплатно
*** Всего несколько дней! ***

Что такое настоящая праздничная атмосфера? Взрывы и фейерверки! Грохот, треск и разрушение — просто праздник какой-то. Поджигай фитиль! Время делать «Бууум!» в игре «Разрушитель зданий 3D: Путешествия».

В «Разрушитель зданий 3D: Путешествия» ты будешь взрывать все, что плохо лежит. Главное — правильно расположить взрывчатку. Каждая бомба должна быть на своем месте — только так можно взорвать все не только с шумом, но и с пользой. Взрыв за взрывом! Грамотно установленный динамит с оглушительными звуками раскидывает балки в нужном нам направлении. Попадаем в цель, получаем очки и неподдельное удовольствие.

Придется пораскинуть мозгами, чтобы пройти игру и набрать максимум очков. К счастью, бомб хватит с избытком. На крайний случай есть супербомба в стиле «конец всему живому»…

Тебя ждет 60 локаций с увлекательными логическими загадками, красочная 3D-графика и много, очень много взрывов! Поджигай!


- 60 аркадных уровней. Тебе будет чем заняться!
- Взрывные спецэффекты. Красота разрушения!
- Веселая музыка. Взрываем с улыбкой!
- Праздничная атмосфера, которая так способствует взрывам и веселью!
- Социальные игровые сети Game Сenter, OpenFeint (рейтинги достижений и большое количество наград). Утоли не только жажду разрушения, но и жажду славы!
- 3 типа бомб (обычная, усиленная и специальная). Ведь взрывы твоя страсть, не так ли?
- А также супербомба — Чак Норрис в мире бомб!

Видео геймплея:

PDF Smart Convert - MS Office, iWork, Web Content, Clipboard, Image to PDFs
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Категория: Утилиты, Бизнес 129р. ► Бесплатно
Happy Holidays to all Kdan Users
> PDF Smart Convert for iPad & iPhone are FREE for a limited time.

Работайте не долго, а эффективно. PDF Smart Convert даст вам максимум продуктивности!

PDF Smart Convert предлагает изысканный пакет сервисов для просмотра, конвертирования и обмена файлами где бы вы не находились. PDF Smart Convert это надежный инструмент, который поможет преобразовать файлы практически любого формата на вашем iPad’e в профессиональные PDF. Это приложение полностью совместимо с iOS7 и AirDrop.

+Создание PDF файлов+
PDF Smart Convert позволяет прочитать все основые форматы файлов и без всякого труда сохранить их как качественные PDF. Защита данных? 100%! PDF Smart Convert производит конвертирование файлов оффлайн и потому предотвращает риск утечки важной информации.

+Сканирование в PDF+
PDF Smart Convert позволяет эффективно использовать встроенную камеру iPad, делая снимки прямо внутри приложения. С помощью встроенных фильтров, вы можете отредактировать фотографии на свой вкус перед конвертированием в PDF.

+Конвертирование веб-страниц и прикрепленных файлов+
Наше приложение позволяет сохранить любую веб страницу с помощью встроенного веб браузера. Конвертирование веб страниц и содержимого в PDF происходит в считанные секунды.

+Преобразование содержимого буфера обмена+
Для PDF Smart Convert преобразовать текст из буфера обмена в PDF это просто пустяки, потому что все, что вы копируете в буфер обмена автоматически попадает в буфер PDF Smart Convert и готово для конвертирования в PDF.

+Обмен файлами и сохранение PDF онлайн+
Через PDF Smart Convert возможен доступ к файлам из различных источников, таких как Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, SugarSync, MyDisk, FTP & WebDAV, прикрепленные файлы эл. почты, PC/MAC через USB соединение, Wi-Fi доступ, или даже другие приложения.

Вы можете создавать PDF из более чем 200 различных форматов файлов:
+Документы iWork & MS Office
+Фото и файлы изображений
+Веб страницы
+Содержимое буфера обмена
+Файлы из других приложений
+Файлы на компьютере
+Файлы, прикрепленные с эл. почтой
This Is Not a Test: A Survival RPG Comic
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Категория: Игры, Ролевые игры, Книги 33р. ► Бесплатно
"This Is Not A Test carves its own path with zest." -TouchArcade

This Is Not a Test is an interactive post-apocalyptic comic book that challenges you to survive the end of the world as we know it. Create your fate by choosing your own path through the simulation -- the choices you make will unlock new paths in your future -- that is, if you survive the chemical wasteland. Your selection of skills, the items you scavenge, and the survivors you bring will unlock possibilities as you race to survive the doomsday event!

"A lot of unique flavor from the get-go" -TouchArcade

"The writing in This Is Not A Test stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the art." -TouchArcade

A gamebook by definition, This Is Not a Test mixes RPG elements with a choose-your-own-adventure-styled comic book. Choosing skills, scavenging items, and bringing companions will affect your odds of survival. All scenes and all of the user-interface is hand-illustrated by comic artist Jeff Edwards, in a gritty, apocalyptic style. The writing is blunt, pulpy, and cruel, hurling you into the skin of a victim racing for survival in the final moments of humanity. As a gamebook, it is shorter and punchier than its long-winded rivals. As an RPG, its mechanics are streamlined, and won’t have you drowning in numbers. As a survival game, it pushes you ruthlessly toward your eventual demise — unless you do something about it.

Explosions are heard in the distant skies and a terrible red gas looms over the population. An emergency broadcast announces a MANDITORY EVACUATION to the mountain shelter of Fort Eisenhower. However, the way is treacherous, and survival will be difficult. What will you do?

*Your Decisions Decide Your Fate
Your actions in the gamebook will unlock choices in your future. This is Not A Test is a complex puzzle with many different outcomes.

*Choose Your Skill Set
Like an RPG, skills will be crucial for the path you choose. Skills will unlock choices in the story!

*Stash Gear For Later
Survival won't be easy: scavenge items to help you survive the apocalypse! Like an RPG, you'll gather an inventory.

*Bring Others With You
Talk to other characters for more detail, or convince them to join you! Like an RPG, you’ll form a party.

*Do Good or Evil
Become a pillar of good, or help society crumble! You have the power to decide.

*Contribute to the evolving game
Our players will shape the future of the comic. Suggest new choices. Demand more story! Visit robotmonster.ca to participate in This is Not A Test.

If you enjoyed The Walking Dead, Fallout, ZDay, pen and paper RPGs, or telnet MUDs, you've got to try our interactive doomsday survival comic!
KAYAK PRO – поиск авиабилетов, отелей и проката авто по всему миру
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Категория: Путешествия, Бизнес 33р. ► Бесплатно
Лучшее в мире мобильное приложение в категории "Путешествия" – поиск и бронирование авиабилетов, отелей, автомобилей.
Поиск выполняется по таким сайтам, как OneTwoTrip, AnyWayAnyDay, Ozon.travel, Booking.com, Hotels.com, Oktogo и Ostrovok, а также сайтам ведущих авиакомпаний: Aeroflot, S7, Трансаэро, Ютэйр и другим.
Отслеживание статуса рейса и функция "Мои путешествия" для удобного планирования поездок.

-- поиск самых выгодных цен на авиаперелеты, отели и прокат автомобилей
-- сравнение цен сотен авиакомпаний и онлайн-агентств
-- бронирование гостиниц, просмотр отзывов и фотографий
-- "Мои путешествия": планирование поездок с возможностями общего доступа
-- каталог авиакомпаний и аэропортов
-- "Куда полететь?": карта мира с направлениями перелетов
-- отслеживание статуса рейса
-- уведомления о ценах на авиабилеты и отели
-- список вещей для поездки
-- конвертер валют
-- схемы аэропортов (доступно в платной версии)
Due — Задачи + Таймеры
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Категория: Производительность, Утилиты 169р. ► 99р.
Ever wished you could jot down a task and set up a reminder alert really, really fast? Yeah, we do too.

The beauty of Due lies in its simplicity. There's no account to create, no start or end date to set, no need to prioritize, tag nor categorize.

What there is however are what that matters: a note for your reminder and an alert that is set up in mere seconds.




"… convenient, low-friction way to set short-term reminders and timers… Focused and thoughtful design" — John Gruber, daringfireball.net

"… passes the highest test I can imagine for an iPhone app: It's so smart, and so pretty, I can't imagine why Apple didn't bake something like it right in." — Bill Barol, boingboing.net

"… one of those missing pieces that should have come in the box when I got my brand new iPhone 4." — Adam Curry, The Big App Show

"Due is simply a must-have app…" — Victor Agreda, Jr, TUAW.com

"… quickly replaced Apple's built-in Clock App for simple time-based alarms, and even Calendar on occasion…" — Rene Ritchie, TiPb.com

"… super clean and super quick way to set up timed reminders for yourself…" — Gizmodo.com


‣ Super fast
Set up a reminder with alert up to 3x faster than the stock Calendar or Reminder app

‣ Get to the timings you need in a tap
Bring that file before leaving home in the morning? Return a call at lunch time? Zip through the time wheel and set due times by tapping on any of the 4 preset and customizable timings

‣ Reusable countdown, egg timers
Precise to the second, they are perfect for timing your soft-boiled eggs, coffee brewing and tea steeping. Set them up once and reuse them forever

‣ Keep track of outstanding tasks with Smart Badges
See at a glance how many tasks you have for the day, or only those you've ignored or missed, or turn off badging if you don't want any

‣ Never miss any reminders with auto snooze
Repeatedly notifies you of missed reminders until marked done or rescheduled

‣ Reschedule and defer reminders quickly

‣ Powerful recurring reminders
Vitamins before bed each night? Pay rent every 2 weeks on Monday? Submit a report on the last weekday of the month? Yup.

‣ Natural date and time parsing
Create reminders with due date filled in automatically by typing into the title directly eg. Wash the dishes in 30 mins, Leave for badminton at 3pm on Friday

‣ Track past reminders and quickly create new ones based on expired reminders within the Logbook

‣ Time Zone Shifting
Receive timely reminders no matter where you are in the world

‣ 12 great sounding alerts of varying lengths to choose from

‣ Universal app, looks and works great on both iPhone and iPad

‣ Keep reminders in sync* across your iPhone, iPad and Mac with iCloud or Dropbox
* Due must be launched for sync to take place. Sync on Mac requires Due for Mac (sold separately)

‣ Backup, email and restore databases

‣ Undo and redo

‣ Assignable alert sounds
Assign distinctive alert sound for each reminder; louder and longer ones for important reminders, and subtler ones for less critical reminders.

‣ Create reminders for your calendar events and todo items from compatible third-party apps such as Week Calendar or Listary and have Due send you right back to where you left off

‣ Reliable reminders that don't require any Internet connection

‣ Save 20% of your battery life compared with apps using Push notifications

‣ Accessible with full VoiceOver support and Large Text setting

‣ Fully localized for English, Deutsch, 日本語, Italiano, Nederlands, Español, Français, Polski, Русский, 한국어, العربية, Português brasileiro, Dansk, Svenska, Norsk (bokmål), 简体中文, 繁體中文

If you're keen to see Due in your language, contact us at support@dueapp.com


Compatible with iPhone (3GS or later), iPad and iPod touch running iOS 6.1 or later.


Email support@dueapp.com, or tap 'Feedback' from Settings. follow us on Twitter @dueapp
Oh My Heart
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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Боевики 33р. ► Бесплатно
★★★★★ 50% off for a limited time ★★★★★

Those tiny imps want to drink all your slime in the container! But the monster heart needs the liquid to stay alive. Don't let them climb all the way to the top of the container - electrify them with the tesla coil and the kill them all with your almighty bombs. And Remember - Don't lose your heart.
The Cave
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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Приключения 169р. ► 66р.
"Внимание: Для игры The Cave требуется iPhone 4S/iPod Touch 5/iPad 2/iPad Mini или более новое устройство.

Спуститесь в таинственную пещеру в удивительной приключенческой игре от создателя серии Monkey Island - Рона Гилберта и студии Double Fine Productions.

Соберите команду из трех совершенно неожиданных и наименее подходящих на эту роль героев, каждый из которых обладает собственным характером и историей. Спускайтесь в самое сердце огромной разумной пещеры, чтобы найти в ее глубинах то, что дорого каждому из героев. У пещеры были тысячи лет, чтобы обустроить свой внутренний мир тщательным образом. Вас ждут самые неожиданные места и их тайны: приготовьтесь попасть в подземный парк развлечений, средневековый замок и функционирующий центр ядерных исследований.

Семь искателей приключений, различные пути прохождения:
Выберите трех из семи исследователей и спускайтесь в глубины пещеры. У каждого из семи героев - от деревенщины до путешественника во времени - свои уникальные способности, особые таланты и тайные цели.

Достойная родословная:
Вас ждет потрясающая проработанная графика и юмор - такое могло родиться только из воображения Рона Гилберта и Double Fine.

Вместе веселее:
Легко переключайтесь между персонажами и решайте загадки в глубинах пещеры. Решение каждой из них позволит вам раскрыть тайну каждого героя.

Улучшения мобильной версии:
Все секреты пещеры - на кончиках ваших пальцев. Новое сенсорное управление усиливает ощущения от игры на iOS.
Pixel Defenders Puzzle
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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Ролевые игры 66р. ► 33р.
!! 50% off for Christmas !!

A unique game of strategic matching and RPG battling!
Place, match and thwack your way through dozens of gorgeous retro-style levels, a variety of game-modes and special hand-crafted scenarios.

** This game has ZERO In-App-Purchases! - Just a pure gaming experience! **

▶ "you shouldn't miss this game" - 4.5/5 - Touch Arcade
▶ "We highly recommend Pixel Defenders Puzzle three times over." - 4/4 - Slide To Play
▶ "With loads of game modes, achievements and levels this is one of the best puzzle-strategy games in the App Store." - 4.5/5 - TouchGen
▶ "Clever and great value game" - 4/5 - The Sunday Times
▶ "this is much more than just another match-three puzzler." - 8/10 - EuroGamer

◊ Pixel Defenders Puzzle is an innovative hybrid of match-3-puzzler and RPG-battler. Match pixels to create Defenders and protect princesses, kings & queens from waves of fiendish enemies!

◊ Strategically build a force of heroes to battle evil foes!
◊ Test your wits in specially designed puzzle stages!
◊ Take on endless hoards of enemies in the action-packed Assault Mode!
◊ Put your skills to the test in Endless Mode: no enemies, just unlimited pixels to match and build your high score!
◊ 64 Achievements, and global high-score leaderboards!
◊ Face the ultimate challenge of the final boss battle!
Шахматы Professional
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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Настольные 229р. ► Бесплатно
Шахматы Mastersoft содержат в себе один из лучших в мире компьютерных шахматных процессоров! Этот процессор занял 4 место на чемпионатах мира по шахматам среди микрокомпьютерных программ и не доступен больше ни в одной другой шахматной игре для iPhone. Разработанные чемпионами по шахматам для имитации игры с человеком, Шахматы Mastersoft повысят ваш уровень от новичка до гроссмейстера! Предлагаются великолепные фигуры с высоким разрешением от известных разработчиков шахмат.
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Категория: Производительность, Социальные сети 99р. ► 66р.
Drafts, where text starts on iOS. Quickly capture text and send it almost anywhere! The most flexible note taking app on iOS is ready for iOS 7!

#### Macworld, 2013 Eddy Award Winner, 5 Mice!
#### Lifehacker Pack for iPhone 2013
#### “Easily one of the best iOS apps I’ve ever used.” – Merlin Mann
#### Best New Apps: The Verge
#### Drafts for iPad available separately on the App Store with Sync!

Drafts is the quick, easy way to capture and share text. In Drafts, text comes first – open the app and get a new, blank draft – ready to type. Don't get bogged down in a timeline just to tweet or post to Facebook. Don't tap your way through multiple screens to get down an email or SMS. Don't navigate folders, create files and name them just to jot down a note or create a todo.

In Drafts you can get that text down quickly and decide what to do with it later. Extensive output options let you send text to Twitter, Facebook, App.net, email, SMS, a Calendar event, quickly save it to Dropbox or Evernote – or forward it to a growing list of other Apps such as OmniFocus, Things, Fantastical, Byword, Sparrow and more. Customize actions to fit into any workflow.


- QUICK ENTRY: App opens to a new blank draft to quickly jot down ideas.
- SAVE, SEARCH, SYNC: Not sure what to do with that text? Just type it in and leave drafts – no saving, it'll be there when you get back. Recent drafts are always one tap away, and full-text searching is available. Optionally enable Drafts lightning fast sync between Drafts, Drafts for iPad (sold separately) on multiple devices.
- SEND TO...ANYTHING? Extensive output options let you do almost anything you might want with your text. Output options include: Twitter, Facebook, Email, SMS-Messages, Events, Clipboard, "Open in..." export, Print.
- EMAIL ACTIONS: Configure your own email actions with preconfigured recipients that can be sent in the background to integration with services like Evernote, OmniFocus Maildrop, Toodledo, IFTTT and more.
- MESSAGE ACTIONS: Create single tap messaging actions with pre-defined recipients and templates.
- DROPBOX and EVERNOTE ACTIONS: Create actions to create/append/prepend to any file in your Dropbox, or note in Evernote with templates and dynamic tags.
- URL ACTIONS: Create actions with URL schemes to integrate with other apps and websites.
- IMPORT/EXPORT/SHARE ACTIONS: Drafts support sharing of custom actions via URLs.
- LINK MODE: Capture phone#s, addresses and URLs and link mode makes them tappable links.
- FORWARD DRAFTS TO OTHER APPS: Any app that can accept text via URL scheme can be added, and our Action Directory has a huge list of ready to install actions for apps such as OmniFocus, Tweetbot, Fantastical, and many more.
- CUSTOMIZE ACTIONS: Arrange actions across 4 action panes, and configure whether actions require confirmation or route drafts after they complete (i.e. send to archive, delete).
- MARKDOWN SUPPORT: Use [Markdown](http://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/) to format text, and Drafts can convert it to HTML. Preview the HTML in Drafts, create a HTML email, or copy it to the clipboard for use in other apps.
- THEMES AND FONTS: Customize the writing environment. Drafts ships with a selection of color themes, including a "Night" mode. Choose from over a dozen fonts high quality fonts.
- Live word and character counts.


We love to hear your feedback and ideas. For news and tips, follow @draftsapp on Twitter/App.net/Facebook, or contact us at info@agiletortoise.com
King of Dragon Pass
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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Ролевые игры 329р. ► 199р.
Now on sale for Sacred Time!
Create your own epic saga of conflict, mythology, and community! This acclaimed game of magical storytelling blends interactive stories and resource management. It’s set in Glorantha (the world of the games HeroQuest and RuneQuest).

It’s immensely replayable, thanks to over 560 interactive scenes and two objectives. Short episodes and automatic saving mean you can play even when you only have a minute or two. The built-in saga writes down the story for you. And advisors with distinctive personalities help you track your cows.

The gorgeous hand-painted artwork won Best Visual Arts at the second annual Independent Games Festival.

• It's like they took the best parts of Civilization games and combined them with the best part of Choose Your Own Adventure style game books. … What I like most about King of Dragon Pass is the seemingly infinite possibilities that the game has. … I can't get enough of King of Dragon Pass. [Touch Arcade]
• A wholly unique adventure that has no equal on the iPhone. [Pocket Gamer]
• An interactive story with a level of complexity and brilliance that's rarely seen in video games. [Gamezebo]

Players say:
• I am really happy to have found this game. It scratches so many itches: simulator, rpg, adventure book...Great work! I find myself playing it on both my iPad and iPhone. Very addictive!
• I got this game at 6pm tonight. It's now 4am, and I've hardly scratched the surface of the depth of this game.
• I now have a fun, engaging, thought provoking RPG on my iPhone, an RPG that fits in my purse and that I can play any time I want, not having to have my computer or Xbox 360 near me to do so.
• If Bioware remade Civilization they'd be lucky to end up half as good as King of Dragon Pass.
• It's impossible to describe the emotional tug you feel when an old and trusted advisor, who you've watched grow from a young upstart, dies of old age. Or when an exploration team disappears into the wilds, never to be heard from again. Or when a cursed clansman, shunned by his peers, sacrifices himself to stop a raid. This game will never leave my iPhone. That's the only accolade possible.
PDF Converter - Save Documents, Web Pages, Photos to PDF
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Категория: Бизнес, Производительность 229р. ► 99р.
***AppSanta brings 50% sale for Christmas! Visit appsanta.co for other great apps on sale.***

Make PDFs from anything you have on the iPad. Save Word, Excel, Powerpoint or iWork documents, web pages, photos and even clipboard content as professional quality PDFs.

PDF Converter lets you transform any file you have on the iPad into a PDF document whenever you need it. Everything from a multi-million contract to a web page you want to read later can be saved as a PDF in several taps.

The process is 100% secure since conversion is done locally on the iPad. Your documents never leave it and it does not require internet connection.

Once installed, PDF Converter appears in the "Open In..." list on your device. This lets you save a PDF any document from Mail, Dropbox, MobileMe iDisk, ReaddleDocs and many other applications on your iPad that supports this function.

To save a web page, just change "http" to "pdfhttp" in the Safari address bar and tap Go.

With PDF Converter you can make PDFs from:

- Email Attachments

- iWork and MS Office documents

- Web pages

- Files from other applications

- Clipboard content

- Photos

- Documents on Dropbox and MobileMe iDisk

- Contacts

PDF Converter supports the following document formats
Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Pages, Numbers, Keynote, TXT, HTML, JPG, PNG, Safari webarchive
Office² HD
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Категория: Бизнес, Производительность 269р. ► 33р.
Office² HD, самый наглядный и простой редактор офисных документов, доступный для iPad, позволяет легко открывать, просматривать, создавать и редактировать файлы Word (DOC/DOCX), Excel (XLS/XLSX) и PowerPoint (PPT/PPTX) прямо со своего iPad!
Office² HD теперь обеспечивает непревзойденную поддержку исправлений в документе.

Office² HD также предлагает самое прогрессивное решение для доступа ко всем сохраненным документам! Обращайтесь к файлам Google Docs, DropBox и Microsoft SkyDrive в любое время с возможностью безопасно открывать и заниматься любыми из ваших самых важных документов!

- Форматирование символов, включая цвет текста и заливки, полужирный, курсив, подчеркивание, вид и размер шрифта
- Форматирование абзацев, включая выравнивание, межстрочный интервал, поля, отступ, маркированные и нумерованные списки
- Поддержка таблиц, включая создание таблицы
- Поддержка плавающих и внутристрочных изображений (вложение из фотоплёнки или вставка из других программ)
- Поддержка текстовых исправлений
- Сноски, концевые сноски и комментарии
- Поддерживает разрывы раздела, страницы и столбца
- Просмотр верхних и нижних колонтитулов
- Направляющая полоса с возможностью установки абзацных границ и позиций табуляции
- Отмена и повтор, до 100 уровней отмены
- Проверка правописания
- Копируйте и вставляйте
- Управляйте несколькими таблицами с неограниченным числом строк и столбцов
- Ищите и сортируйте ячейки
- Форматирование ячеек
- Типы ячеек: общий, числовой, валютный, процентный, датированный, временной и текстовый
- Функция объединения ячеек
- Заморозка области
- Умный автоподбор диапазона для его функций
- 146 различных функций
- Вставляйте изображения и бесчисленные общие формы
- Полное форматирование текстов и абзацев
- Документы Google: Office² HD позволяет вам просматривать и редактировать документы и электронные таблицы, хранящиеся в вашем аккаунте Google Docs. Это не только совершенствует передачу файлов в Office² HD и обратно, вы также можете редактировать те же файлы в iPad и со своего веб-браузера
- Пользователи могут также открывать, редактировать, сохранять, удалять и переименовывать файлы, хранящиеся в Dropbox, Box.net, Microsoft SkyDrive, Huddle, ShareFile и любом сервере WebDAV
- Отправляйте по эл. почте любой файл, над которым работаете, не выходя из Office² HD
STRATEGO - Official strategy board game
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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Настольные 229р. ► 33р.
► iOs: 5.1+
► Minimal requirements: iPad2+


- "I had completely forgotten how much fun the classic strategy board game Stratego was!" - Kotaku
- "We’ve had a chance to play it, and fans of the board game version have plenty to be excited about!" - Gamezebo
- "Keesing’s Stratego Online is by far the best digital version of the old board game classic I’ve ever played!" - Gamezone

The classic board game of battlefield strategy, now available for the iPad! Do you have what it takes to achieve victory on the battlefield? Defeat your opponents in the official Stratego iPad game!

Protect your flag against your enemies, and make sure to capture your opponent’s flag first! See you on the battlefield…

***** “Great job! This game brings back old memories, it’s nice and money worth.”

***** “Yes! I have been waiting looong for this amazing game and here it is! The multiplayer mode is fantastic! A must buy for every stratego player out there! ;)”

► Full game or Quick game

Stratego offers a Single Player and a Multiplayer mode, where you can choose between a full (40 pieces) or a quick (10 pieces) game. After you have created a setup, you can save it: this means you can use it again and again if it proves to be successful!

► Challenge your friends

Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer: the Stratego friends list makes it easy to challenge your friends, but you can also add players you recently met in battle to your friends list.

► Customize your army

Do you prefer the classic look of Stratego? No problem, just change the artwork on your pieces! You can also change the color and the coat of arms of your pieces, as well as your avatar and battlefield.

► Play offline

If there is no Internet available you can play the singleplayer mode offline

► Support

If you have comments or complaints please contact us:

► customercare@stratego.com
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP
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Категория: Игры, Приключения, Ролевые игры 169р. ► 66р.
** всеобщая версия **

Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP -- это атмосферное экшен-приключение с акцентом на аудиовизуальном стиле. Путешествуй по маленькому сказочному королевству, используй меч в сражениях и пробуждай волшебство для решения мистических музыкальных загадок. Сотрудничай с друзьями в Твиттере, окунись в игровой мир, который зависит от фаз луны, и помоги странствующему монаху-воину закончить его скорбное похождение.

S:S&S EP включает в себя оригинальные музыкальные композиции, которых хватило бы на полноценный альбом, за авторством известного композитора Джима Гатри, иллюстрации и дизайн Superbrothers Inc., изготовлена и разработана магами видеоигр из Capy в Торонто, Канада.

Слушайте "Sword & Sworcery LP: The Ballad of the Space Babies" Джима Гатри, которая выйдет в Апреле 2011 г. в iTunes, Bandcamp и ограниченным тиражом на виниловых пластинках.
Day One (Журнал / Дневник)
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Категория: Образ жизни, Производительность 129р. ► 99р.
Фиксируйте моменты своей жизни. Изящный интерфейс Day One сделает процесс ведения записей о повседневных делах и знаковых событиях простым и приятным.

Это приложение-дневник для iPhone, iPad, и Mac было отмечено наградами: Лучшее приложение 2011 года магазина Mac App, Приложение недели магазина App Store в январе 2012 года, а также Приложение года 2012 магазина Mac App.

Сохраняйте лучшие воспоминания и фотографии с помощью приложения Day One.

«Пожалуй, Day One — самое классное приложение на моих гаджетах Mac и iOS...», — Федерико Витиччи, MacStories

«Простой и всегда доступный способ ведения микроверсии дневника...», — The Verge

Day One — это:

## Замечательные возможности для ведения записей##
• Чистый интерфейс без единой лишней детали
• Облегченное форматирование текста Multi-Markdown
• Полноэкранный режим
• Блокировка с помощью пароля

## Контекст ##
В каждой записи Day One автоматически указываются:
• Данные фото EXIF
• Температура и погода
• Местоположение (GPS и места в Foursquare)
• Время и дата
• Данные об активности: движение и счет шагов (для iPhone 5s)
• Проигрываемая музыка

## Стимулирование ##
• Настраиваемые напоминания
• Вдохновляющие цитаты и вопросы (версия для Mac)

## Организация ##
• Создание тегов и #хэштегов
• Избранные записи знаменитостей
• Просмотр прошлых записей по календарю, хронологии, картам и т.п.

## Архив и резервное копирование ##
• Поиск по ключевым словам
• Синхронизирование и создание резервных копий записей на всех устройствах с помощью Dropbox или iCloud
• Экспорт в PDF (с датами и фильтрами тегов)

## Публикация ##
• Twitter
• Регистрация в Foursquare
• Отправка записей по электронной почте (HTML или простой текст)

«Журнал Day One... теперь использую его каждый день», — Джек Дорси, создатель Twitter и Square

«Вести дневник не сложнее, чем писать в Twitter», — Кэмерон Молл, известный веб-дизайнер

Специалисты Центра поддержки Day One ответят на любые ваши вопросы — от самых простых до детальных технических:
Pocket Scanner - Scan Images to Encrypted Multi-Page PDFs
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Категория: Бизнес, Производительность 99р. ► Бесплатно
Happy Holidays to all Kdan Users
> Pocket Scanner (iPhone) and Pocket Scanner HD (iPad) are FREE for a limited time.

Pocket Scanner makes the best powerful mobile scanner out of your iPhone, providing you with a brand new interface and the ability to covert scans to PDFs quickly and efficiently, making Pocket Scanner the only document solution you would ever need! Pocket Scanner is fully compatible with iOS 7 and supports AirDrop.

>Have you ever worried about the loss of receipts? Ever need to deal with the bothering reimbursement process?
> Have you come across a great piece of written work but there’s no copier around?
> You collect countless business cards from a meeting, but how do you organize them into files?

Pocket Scanner gives you the flexibility to make quick scans of documents, receipts, whiteboards, business cards, notes, posters, checks, and even multi-page documents. With its built-in support for sharing, you can share your scans as multi-page PDF or JPEG files by email, Evernote, Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Box, SugarSync, Mydisk.se, FTP/WebDAV.

#1 business app in the United States and 21 other countries

Pocket Scanner enables you to capture, digitalize and record information at your fingertips. To be differentiated from the market, Pocket Scanner incorporates leading image processor, file manager, multiple file sharing options, and powerful built-in PDF Reader engine.

+ Enterprise Level Document Scanner+
With the leading edge algorithms, Pocket Scanner optimizes the resolution of scan results by auto-detecting document edges, providing enhanced image processing, and removing shadows of your documents.

+ Scan Everything, Miss Nothing+
Quickly scan various types of document in multi pages and save/share them within a matter of seconds.

+Quick Scan+
Improve your efficiency by eliminating steps to launch scanner. Just tap the scanner icon on the launching page to start scanning.

+ Intuitive UI design+
We constantly improve the interface to make Pocket Scanner better. It’s so intuitive that you don’t have to waste time looking for the function you want!

+ Pocket Scanner Keeps You and Your Files Organized+
Pocket Scanner enables you to easily arrange customizable scanner projects and sort scanned images and documents into multiple folders with its refined yet easy-to-use interface. Pocket Scanner offers a quick switch between managing scanning images and the PDF files. All you need to do is to switch between 2 tabs.

+ Export Industry Standard PDF Documents+
All scans can be shared and exported as multi-page PDF documents

+ Password-Protect Scanned Files+
Pocket Scanner offers password-protected PDF files to secure your privacy.

+ Share Scans via Email or Online File Storage+
Conveniently transfer your scans through Email, Wi-Fi, USB connection, and various cloud storage services.

+ QR code+
Scan the existing QR code and can direct to the file and download it right away. (Please note this app does not generate QR codes)

Pocket Scanner Features:
> Compatible with iOS 7
> Friendly and intuitive user interface
> Automatic document edge detection
> Efficient and structural file management
> Unlimited scan projects for all kinds of materials and themes
> Great file management system
> Advanced image processing: Instant brightness, rotation, and color adjustment
> Email documents as PDF, JPEG, and save them to the Photo Library
> AirDrop & AirPrint supported
> Various sources of importing images

Streamline your workflow and boost the productivity with Pocket Scanner NOW!

We offer better document solution that achieves simplicity and efficiency simultaneously.
SessionBand Rock - Volume 1
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Категория: Музыка, Развлечения 299р. ► Бесплатно
Have the best-selling SessionBand Rock - Volume 1 on us this Christmas!

iPad2 / iPhone 4S or newer required.

Everything you need to create your own pro Rock and Metal tracks in minutes - totally free for a limited time only! (Normally £5.99/$8.99/€7.99)

Enjoy SessionBand Rock and get the brand new SessionBand Blues - Volume 1 app out today for just $3!! Create real Blues tracks in minutes. Includes over 16,000 stunning Blues loops.

Enjoy our other award-winning apps too (Jazz, Acoustic, Piano) for the same special Christmas price.

Happy Christmas from SessionBand.

With over 16,000 stunning, chord-based Rock and Metal audio loops (included) individually recorded by 3 of the world's top session musicians, SessionBand Rock instantly converts the chords you select into great sounding audio – wherever you are and whatever your ability.

There are 15 different classic UK and US Rock and Metal styles included. Every single loop carefully engineered so you can instantly create your own tracks in those styles: from Rolling Stones and Chili Peppers through Muse, Foo Fighters and Iron Maiden, all the way to Slipknot, Slayer and Magadeth!

For Rock musicians and songwriters, this unique app is the ultimate tool for jamming and writing, with full and complete Rock and Metal tracks just minutes away! It's also simple enough for non-musicians to create their own great-sounding, copyright-free music.

And with a host of pro features like auto-transpose, automated mixing, one-touch live recording, and Audiobus compatibility - allowing you to seamlessly export our unique content into other top music apps like Garageband - it has never been easier or quicker to create your own studio quality music even if you can't play a note!

If you love Rock and Metal – you will love SessionBand Rock

Hear the sounds and watch the video at sessionbandapp.com


The fastest way to create studio quality Rock and Metal

* Pick a style
* Choose your chords
* Watch them turn into pro-audio
* Stretch or shorten loops in seconds
* Build up your track in minutes
* Instantly hear your track across all 15 different Rock and Metal styles and tempos
* Auto-transpose your entire track (not electronic pitch shift!)
* Mix your track (manual or automated)
* Adjust track tempo (+/- 15%)
* Record direct to audio
* Copy straight to other music apps
* Share with the world!

Over 16,000 precision-cut Rock and Metal audio loops included in the app!

* 15 contrasting classic Rock and Metal styles: 70s Slow Prog; 90s H/T Grunge; 90s Prog Metal; Red Hot Funk; 70s Prog; UK Modern Alternative; 80s RnB Rock; Modern Groove Metal; 90s H/T Thrash; Heavy Metal Gallop; 80s Thrash; New H/T Thrash; Modern US Alternative; 80s D/T Heavy and 80s Heavy Triplets
* From 80bpm through to 190bpm
* Each of the 15 styles includes 10 chord variations for every root note: maj; min; sus2; sus4; b5; 5; #5; 7(#9); maj7; 7
*Each style includes 15 alternative drum fills/grooves

SessionBand gets 3 of the world's top session musicians playing on your tracks:

* Drums – Ralph Salmins. World 'Top 10' drummer (Rhythm Magazine Poll). Rock performing credits include: Gary Moore, Tori Amos, Jeff Beck, Alice Cooper, Paul McCartney, Alanis Morissette, Van Morrison, Jim Steinman, Meat Loaf, Sheryl Crow, The Waterboys...

* Guitars – Adam Goldsmith. Top album and TV guitarist: Brian May, Meat Loaf, Robbie Williams, Elton John, Will Young, Ronan Keating, Beverley Knight, Gloria Estefan...

* Bass – Geoff Gascoyne. Top bassist, composer and producer: Sting, Georgie Fame, Van Morrison, Bill Bruford, Gloria Estefan, Jamie Cullum...

The ultimate mobile jam tool for Rock guitarists and other instrumentalists

*Jam and practice with your very own world-class Rock/Metal band
*Loop markers let you focus on specific sections
*Mute instrument channels
*Flip your chord progressions instantly across all styles and tempos
*Transpose whole track instantly
Scanner Pro by Readdle
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Категория: Бизнес, Производительность 229р. ► 99р.
***AppSanta brings 50% sale for Christmas! Visit appsanta.co for other great apps on sale.***

Scanner Pro transforms your iPhone and iPad into portable scanners. It allows you to scan receipts, whiteboards, paper notes, or any multipage document.

Scanned documents can be emailed and printed, uploaded to Dropbox, Google Drive and Evernote, or simply saved on the iPhone/iPad.

The application incorporates special algorithms that remove shadows, make scans sharper, correct perspective and make them as readable as possible.

“I will confess to some serious love for Scanner Pro ” - Rick Broida, CNET

“Scanner Pro is an excellent app for those who'd like to digitize and organize their paper worlds.” - Marc Saltzman, USA Today

“There really isn’t a better scanner app for iPhone than Scanner Pro” - Matthew Panzarino, TNW

Experience the simplicity of document scanning:

+ Scan receipts to keep track of travel expenses
+ Convert paper notes and sketches into digital copies
+ Sign with a pen and scan a contract to email it back
+ Save interesting articles and book pages for further reading

What Scanner Pro allows you to do:

+ Scan documents +
Scanner Pro scans any type of document, ranging from a receipt to multipage documents. All scans are saved as a PDF.

+ Process images smartly +
Automatic edge detection and advanced image processing help you to get great scans blazingly fast. You can also adjust the crop area manually, by tapping on the screen.

+ Real-time border detection +
While making a scan, borders are detected visually and in real time. Thus you can choose the best position to get a perfect scan and skip manual borders adjustments.

+ Scan documents into a PDF file +
All scanned document are produced as industry-standard PDF files. You can add new scans, delete or rearrange pages within a PDF file.

+ Email or print scanned documents +
Just scan any document and tap the "Send" button. If the document needs to be printed, send it to any printer nearby.

+ Upload scans to online storage +
All your scans can be uploaded to Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive or any other
WebDAV-enabled online storage.

+ iCloud sync across all devices +
It brings convenient access to all your documents on your iPhone or iPad. When you take a picture on your iPhone, seconds later it can be accessed on your iPad vice versa.


If you have any questions, feedback or suggestions please contact us directly at rdsupport@readdle.com or http://readdle.com/contact
NOTE: The new iPad has an excellent 5 MP camera that makes great scans. Scanner Pro runs on iPad 2 and the first-generation iPad, but with limited capabilities.
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Категория: Музыка 649р. ► $11.99
Nave - next generation Wavetable Synthesis

Nave is Waldorf’s first synthesizer App development – created by chief engineer and 
director Stefan Stenzel, NLog mastermind Rolf Wöhrmann and Design Guru Axel Hartmann.

The Nave sound engine includes two novel Wavetable oscillators, leaving every previous attempt in wavetable synthesis far behind. The spectrum of a sound can be transposed independently of its pitch. The waves are being rendered periodically to noisy. Especially sounds with an accent on formants can be reproduced easily, which made us integrate a speech synthesizer for the easy creation of wavetables.

The clearly structured UI invites both beginners and advanced users to experiment, and the large display of 
the iPad makes Wavetable creation and editing a blast. Besides Speech Synthesis, Wavetables can also be made by analysing audio files. Further stretching, rotating and shifting in spectral domain allows Wavetables to be further refined or distorted.

All factory Wavetables from Microwave, Wave and Blofeld are included, complemented by new ones that make extensive useof the enhanced possibilities.

In addition to the Wavetable Oscillators, Nave offers an oscillator module featuring the novel Überwave that can fatten your sound by up to eight detuned oscillators.

The filter offers the familiar outstanding Waldorf sound, featuring lowpass, bandpass and highpass with either 12dB or 24dB slope.

The Drive section offers different characteristics, and it can be positioned in the signal path: before or after the filter, or as a summing overdrive before or after the equalizer - for those who prefer harsh screaming sounds over delicate Wavetable sweeps.

An extended modulation matrix and diverse real time control functionality is waiting for animating Nave sounds in any desired direction.

Besides the classic virtual chromatic keyboard, Nave can be played with the “Blades” that allow for dynamic triggering of polyphonic modulation by sliding the fingers in x or y direction.

The 4-track recorder can be used to build your own Nave songs or to simply sketch your music, inspired by the sounds of Nave.

Audio Demos:

Nave Specifications per Voice:
· Two independent advanced Wavetable Oscillators
· Osc module with up to 8 oscillator Überosc with sawtooth, triangle, PWM, white or pink noise
· Two Ring Modulators
· Multimode Filter with LP,BP and HP, each either 12 dB or 24 dB
· 3 Envelopes
· 2 LFO
· 10 Modulation Matrix Entries
· Drive with adjustable curve, depth and position

· Modulation Effect with either Chorus, Flanger or Phaser
· Modulation Delay
· High Quality Reverb
· Three band parametric Equalizer
· Compressor

Additional Features:
· Keyboard with adjustable size, scrolling and glissando modes
· Blades with musical scales and optional chord mode
· Polyphonic X/Y finger modulation on keyboard and blades
· Modulation Wheel and Pitch Bender
· Up to 3 X/Y Control Pads
· Four Track Recorder with clip based editing
· Core MIDI in / out support
· MIDI device manager for external hardware and virtual connections
· Sync to MIDI Clock or WIST
· MIDI Learn
· Audiobus compatible
· Background Audio
· Arpeggiator
· Polyphonic Unisono
· Speech Synthesizer for Wavetables
· 3D Wavetable Editing
· Generation of Wavetables from external audio files
· BeatMaker & Sonoma Audio Copy / Paste Support
· Patch Management with unlimited user banks and categories
· Import / Export audio and sound patches from iTunes

Requires iOS 6 or later
Pocket Scanner HD - Scan Images to Encrypted Multi-Page PDFs
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Категория: Бизнес, Производительность 129р. ► Бесплатно
Happy Holidays to all Kdan Users
> Pocket Scanner (iPhone) and Pocket Scanner HD (iPad) are FREE for a limited time.

Pocket Scanner HD найдет хорошее применение на iPad’e и поможет эффективно использовать экран.

Pocket Scanner HD открывает возможности для быстрого сканирования визитных карточек, чеков, записей и даже многостраничных документов. Встроенные функции позволят Вам отправлять сканированные изображения по электронной почте как многостраничные PDF или JPEG изображения, а также загружать на Evernote, Dropbox, GoogleDocs, Box, SugarSync, Mydisk, FTP/WebDAV.

С помощью новой технологии автоматического определения границ,
сканировать стало возможным всего за пару секунд, потому как не надо
настраивать границы для сканирования!

>Supports iOS 7
>Автоматическое распознавание границ документа
>Эффективное и структурированное управление файлами
>Неограниченное количество проектов для любых видов документов
>Расширенная обработка изображения: мгновенная яркость, угол поворота и регулировка цветов
>Сохранение вложенных документов из электронной почты в Фото Библиотеку как PDF, JPEG
>AirDrop & AirPrint - беспроводная печать
>Различные источники импорта изображений

+Автоматически определяет границы документа и оптимизирует разрешение на отсканированных изображениях, удаляя тени с документа

+Позволяет быстро сканировать различные виды документов, создавая несколько страниц, и сразу же сохранять или выкладывать их для общего доступа.

+Эффективно организовывает отсканированные проекты/изображения в нескольких папках

+Экспортирует стандартные PDF документы в несколько страниц

+Возможность защиты отсканированных файлов паролем

+Передача через электронную почту, Wi-Fi, USB соединение, и различные облачные хранилища

+QR код
Сканирует существующий QR код и направляет на нужный файл. (Обратите внимание, что данное приложение не создает QR коды)

Повысьте Ваше продуктивность с Pocket Scanner HD’ом прямо СЕЙЧАС! Мы ценим отзывы наших клиентов, но мы не можем отвечать напрямую в iTunes Магазине. Пожалуйста, если у Вас есть какие-то вопросы, то пишите к нам на appservice@kdanmobile.com.Спасибо, что Вы выбрали продукты от компании Kdan.
Tanto Cuore
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Категория: Игры, Карточные, Стратегии 99р. ► 33р.
Calling all Lords of the Manor!
Designed by Masayuki Kudou and brought to you by Playdek, Tanto Cuore features classic anime art and easy-to-play mechanics. Players hire maids to staff their mansion with the goal of becoming King of Maids by acquiring the most Victory Points. Private Maids remain in play and use their special powers each turn. Some give players a bonus or affect opponents in a negative way. Opponents can make maids sick or give them bad habits, decreasing Victory Points. The player who has the most Victory Points at the end of the game wins.
Using the popular “deck building” mechanic, players improve their deck of cards through play, building strategies in a straightforward manner, and using their cards to score points. Tanto Cuore by Playdek features beautiful graphics and an easy-to-play interface!
Tanto Cuore features:
•Options for 2-4 players
•AI opponents
•Pass-and-play multiplayer gameplay (2-4 players)
•Asynchronous or real-time online play (2-4 players)
•Universal game application – buy once and play on all your devices
•the ability to invite Playdek friends to matches
•Selectable online game clocks
•“Next game” button takes you to your next asynchronous online game
•A game tutorial
•Rule Book and Card Gallery to review game text and effects
•Options for Music and SFX, animation speed
•Retina support
•iPhone / iPod 5 screen support
•Localizationed in English and Japanese
From Playdek, the award-winning publisher and developer:
•Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer (Golden Geek, 2011 – Boardgamegeek.com)
•Summoner Wars (Golden Geek, 2012 – Boardgamegeek.com; Game of the Year 2012, Pockettactics.com; Game of the Year, Board/Card, 2012 - Gamezebo)
•Penny Arcade the Game: Gamers vs Evil
•Can’t Stop
•Food Fight iOS
Indigo Lake
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Категория: Игры, Боевики, Приключения 66р. ► 33р.
Indigo Lake is an intelligent psychological horror game that mixes first person combat, driving and puzzle solving. Explore an open world, translate ancient American Indian pictograms and dispel spirits with unique rituals.

The Story

Reports of unusual sightings at Indigo Lake are commonplace but recently a spate of suicides has triggered an investigation by paranormal specialists. Your good friend Dr Everett was sent to the lake to find out the truth behind the recent activity but he has failed to report in. It is now your task to find him and put to rest any supernatural activity for good.


You are able to freely move anywhere within the environment to search for clues and dispel the spirit forces. With such a large environment a 4X4 vehicle can be used to manoeuvre quickly around the map. As ghost hunting is a risky business you are equipped with a hand gun loaded with tracer rounds that can scare away the spirits, blast through doors and trigger puzzles. You are also given a pair of smart glasses which can highlight clues and items as well as and record every terrifying step of your adventure along with a picture in picture reaction camera. Recordings are saved to camera roll for uploading to YouTube or other video sites and can be edited with iMovie.


Indigo Lake has been loaded with the latest 3D graphics techniques to produce a living world. Trees, vegetation and even the rain moves in the harrowing wind. Advanced particle effects fill the environment and distant lightning strikes light up every surface. Indigo lake shows off some of the most impressive weather effects ever seen on a mobile device with each rain drop creating a splash when it strikes the terrain. Full screen blooming, per pixel lighting and chromatic aberration enhance the game visuals to a level not usually seen on a mobile platform. True physics have been applied to the vehicle dynamics with each wheel possessing independent suspension. The complex physics also extend to the player model allowing you to be pushed, knocked and even thrown around the environment.


-Per Pixel Lighting on all surfaces even on slower devices.
-Destroyable objects.
-True projectile based hand gun.
-Physics based drivable vehicle.
-True particle collision physics.
-Upwards of 6 hours of gameplay.
-Live Reaction Camera.
-Inbuilt video recorder (720p recording straight to camera roll).
-Retina support.
-iPhone 5/iPod touch 5G screen support.
-Large free roaming map.
-Elegantly designed first person controls.
-Supports iPhone 4 and up.
-Full game (No Ads and No IAP).


www.toucharcade.com - 4.5/5 Stars - "A a superb first-person survival horror game ... Indigo Lake will leave you wanting more".

www.148apps.com - 4.5/5 Stars - "Indigo Lake is a chilling experience which fans of the horror genre can not afford to miss".

www.appsmile.com - 4.5/5 Stars -"This game legitimately weirded me out... We haven’t felt this uneasy about a horror gaming experience since Dead Space".

www.pocketgamer.co.uk - 4/5 Stars -"Indigo Lake surprises by being a genuinely scary and atmospheric adventure-puzzler".

www.ifanzine.com - 4/5 Stars - "If it’s scares you’re after, look no further. 3 Cubes Research’s game is freaky in all the right ways".

www.cnet.com - Game of the week- "I guarantee you'll have goosebumps".

www.appstorearcade.com - Game of the month - "Indigo Lake. This is one of the few iOS horror games that delivers a scary time".

www.sirloinapple.blogspot.co.uk - "Indigo Lake is an incredible piece of work and is truly a masterpiece".


At the bottom of our website. Click on the support link or go to:-


iPhone 4, iPad 2 and up (live reaction camera and recording not available on iPhone 4). iOS 6 and 7 supported.
PCalc - The Best Calculator
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Категория: Утилиты, Бизнес 329р. ► 229р.
30% off for Christmas! Visit http://AppSanta.co for deals on other award-winning apps.

PCalc is the powerful choice for scientists, engineers, students, programmers, or indeed anybody looking for a feature rich calculator. It includes an optional RPN mode and multi-line display, a choice of button layouts, an extensive set of unit conversions and constants, a paper tape, multiple undo and redo, engineering and scientific notation, as well as support for hexadecimal, octal, and binary calculations.
vjay for iPhone
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Категория: Музыка, Развлечения 99р. ► Бесплатно
*** FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY - Happy holidays and also check out our app DJAY 2 on the App Store - 50% OFF TODAY!! ***

NOTE: This app requires iPhone 4S, iPod touch 5th gen or better


Introducing vjay for iPhone - the mashup machine for your music and videos.

Includes over 15 exclusive, free bonus video clips by Snoop Dogg a.k.a. Snoop Lion, Far East Movement, Eclectic Method, J-Live, and others.

vjay transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into a cutting-edge mashup machine, directly integrated with the media libraries on your iPhone or iPod touch. Mix and scratch your favorite music videos from iTunes or combine songs from your music library with personal video footage into an interactive audio visual experience. You can even use the built-in camera on your device to add your very own clips to the mix with added special effects. The first of its kind on the iPhone or iPod touch, vjay lets you create fun video mashups, display directly to a TV, or record your performances live to share instantly on Facebook or YouTube.


- Media Access - Create stunning mashups using all your media on your iPhone or iPod touch, including videos, music, and footage from camera roll. vjay also comes with a free bundle of pre-loaded artist videos and high-quality footage.

- Real-time video transitions, audio visuals effects – vjay comes with stunning audio & video effects, looping tools, visual transitions, and real-time VideoScratch™.

- Live Movie Recording – With a simple touch of a button, easily save your mixes to the iPhone or iPod touch in real-time.

- Instant Facebook and YouTube sharing - Instantly share your personal vjay recordings with friends via Facebook and YouTube.

- Support for external displays – Easily plug into a TV and stream videos wirelessly to Apple TV.

- Built-in camera integration - Quickly record your own video clips using the built-in camera and add them to your mixes on the fly with added special effects

- Integration with iTunes Store – browse, search, preview and purchase music videos on iTunes from within the app.


Requires iPhone 4S (or later) running iOS 5 (or higher) or iPod touch (5th generation or later) running iOS 5 (or higher)

- Direct access to user's media on the device (music videos, movies, camera roll footage, music)
- iTunes Store integration (search, browse, preview and purchase artist music videos)
- Built-in camera integration
- Portrait and landscape modes
- VideoScratch
- Video Transitions
- Audio Visual Effects
- Live Movie recording with instant export to Facebook or YouTube
- Fullscreen mode
- Support for external displays via iPad adapter cable (HDMI, VGA, or Composite) and AirPlay for streaming video and audio
- Colorized EQ
- Slow-motion (time stretching)
- Split A/V crossfade mode (crossfade video independently from audio, and vice versa)
- Advanced Audio Tools: Waveforms, Auto-Gain, Automatic Beat and Tempo Detection, Beat-matching, Slicing, Auto-Sync, Pitch-bending, Cue Point, Looping, Speed Change, Reverse Playback
- Support for multi-route audio (e.g. HDMI + built in headphone jack) and multi-channel audio interfaces.
- Support for major audio formats like MP3, AAC, WAV, AIFF
- Video formats supported: H.264 and MPEG-4 video up to 1080p, 30 frames per second in .mp4, .m4v and .mov file formats

Supported external hardware (optional):

- External displays and TVs via Digital AV Adapter (HDMI), VGA Adapter, or Composite AV Cable
- Apple TV + AirPlay enabled AV receivers
- Numark iDJ Live, Mixdeck Quad, and ION iDJ 2 Go MIDI controllers
- Vestax Spin 2 MIDI controller
- Griffin DJ Cable


• Follow @Algoriddim on Twitter
• Become a fan of Algoriddim on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AlgoriddimOfficial
Screens VNC - Access Your Computer Remotely
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Категория: Утилиты, Производительность 649р. ► $14.99
25% off for Christmas! Visit http://AppSanta.co for deals on other award-winning apps.

Leave your computer behind and travel light! Screens is a beautiful, yet powerful Screen Sharing and VNC client that lets you connect back to your Mac, Windows or Linux PC from the comfort of your living room, the corner coffee shop or anywhere in the world.

Screens offers a ton of awesome features that you’ll love:


• Connect from Everywhere
Install Screens Connect on your Mac and make it easily reachable from anywhere in the world.

• Stay Synchronized
Your saved Screens follow you on every iOS device you own through iCloud.

• Quickly Connect to Nearby Computers
Initiate a single-shot connection to a nearby Mac or Linux PC without having to create a new Screen.

• Connect Safely
Screens can connect back to your computer through a secured connection. Enable Remote Login on your Mac and you’re done!

• Gestures Everywhere
Control your computer with all the trackpad gestures you’re used to and more!

• Hot Corners
It’s like they were meant for Screens. Get more control over your Mac!

• Shortcuts for Everyone
Screens’ scrollable shortcuts toolbar ensures that you'll always have your favorite shortcuts close when you need them.

• Display Selection
Do you have more than one display attached to your Mac? Screens supports multiple displays allowing you to always access what you need, no matter which display its on.

• Full Hardware Keyboard Support
Don’t like that virtual keyboard and prefer to tap on real keys? No problem!

• Pasteboard Heaven
Send text back to your computer and receive text, images and URLs from it through the pasteboard.

• AirPlay Mirroring
Send your computer’s display to your TV through AirPlay.

• On Disconnect Actions
Screens can execute special commands before it disconnects from your computer. Execute one of them Hot Corners or get the remote user to log out.


• SSH Keys Support
Initiate a secure connection (SSH) with a key, with or without a password.

• URLs-O-Rama
Launch Screens from URL Schemes like screens://, vnc:// or ssh://.


• A VNC Server, such as UltraVNC or TightVNC, is required to connect to a Windows PC.
• Windows and Linux users are required to configure their router and computer manually to access their computer remotely.
• A SSH Server, such as freeSSHd, is required to create a secure connection to a Windows or Linux PC.
• Pasteboard images are only receivable from a Mac. Windows and Linux PCs can only receive text and URLs.

See Screens’ User Guide for details.

• Screens will not receive any sound from your computer. This is a limitation of the RFB protocol the app is using.
• Screens Connect requires OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard or later. You will need to create a free Screens ID.
Dispatch: Action-Based Email
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Категория: Производительность, Бизнес 169р. ► 66р.
◆ SALE: 60% off to celebrate App Store Best of 2013 ◆

To celebrate the selection of Dispatch as App Store Best of 2013 in 5 countries, Dispatch will be 60% off till end of 2013.


Dispatch makes it easy to act on emails even when you're on the move.

It lets you get rid of mails by swiping, respond faster with snippets, and process your mails with other apps.


"Everybody is trying to revolutionize email these days… For me, it has succeeded." — Federico Viticci, Editor, MacStories.net

"Dispatch is the iPhone e-mail client I have been looking for for years" — Charlie Sorrel, Cult of Mac

"Dispatch is quite possibly the best third party email client I've ever used for iPhone… If you're buried in emails, you need this app now!" — Allyson Kazmucha, iMore.com


Typing the same thing over and over again?

Store frequently used replies as snippets* and reuse them the next time you get a similar question.

Heck—we even say 'Hi' for you when replying an email so you can cut to the chase.

* Dispatch also supports “TextExpander touch snippet expansion” (sold separately).


Dispatch talks to 26 apps. For example, you can:

• Archive important mails to Evernote
• Save links to read later with Pocket
• Create tasks in OmniFocus & Things
• Set reminders in Reminders or Due

The 26 supported apps are: Evernote, Pocket, Instapaper, Readability, Due, OmniFocus, Things, The HitList, Clear, Fantastical, 2 Days, Reminders, Asana, Chrome, 1Password, Dolphin, Safari, Maps, Google Maps, Calendar, Drafts, Skype, Appigo Todo, Finish, Twitter & Facebook.

Check out http://www.dispatchapp.net/apps for more info.


Getting rid of mails is fun in Dispatch.

But in case you get too excited with the housekeeping, you can always undo your last delete, archive or move action (for about 4 seconds).


Fetches and notifies you of new emails when possible, even if Dispatch is not actively running. Optionally, choose to badge up Dispatch with the number of unread emails for all or just some of your accounts.


Search your Inbox and Archive folders. Narrow down the email you're looking for by building up multiple search terms with Advanced Search, eg. Sender contains 'John', Recipients contains 'Sharon', and Subject contains 'Meeting'.


Attach images from Camera Roll, Photo Albums and Photo Stream to new emails and replies.


Choose to send mails from another email address (if your server allows you to do so), and to reply mails from the address which the mail was sent to. Especially handy if you've been forwarding mails from multiple accounts to a single account.


Switch accounts, reply, go back to Inbox by swiping left and right—no button-tapping required.


Redesigned to look and work even better on iOS 7.


Fully localized for: English, Deutsch, 日本語, Italiano, Nederlands, Español, Français, Português brasileiro, 简体中文, 繁體中文.


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 7 or later.

Supports IMAP-based email accounts. Tested to work with: Gmail, Google Apps, iCloud, AOL, Yahoo! and FastMail.

Mail servers not listed above require additional configuration, or may fail to work.


Dispatch has the following limitations compared with the built-in Mail app:

- No push notifications for emails (and no plans for it)
- No support for POP/Exchange-based email (and no plans for it)
- No access to any mailboxes other than the Inbox
- No access to drafts stored in Dispatch from other mail apps
- No landscape mode, S/MIME encryption
- Can only attach images (from Camera Roll/Albums/Photo Stream)
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