Turbo Town

Turbo Town
Новое за июль 2017
Категория: Игры, Настольные, Симуляторы Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
Join Mr. Business on his quest to overcome his daddy issues by overcompensating for absolutely everything! Build the biggest town with the longest towers and most materialistic materials! Watch each building automatically consume and produce a variety of resources! The only finger you'll ever have to raise is your index finger, because exercise is a waste of time meant for the unwashed masses! Wallow in narcissism and shower yourself with boosts that come from the most golden of chests, then fill the hole in your heart by equipping them to buildings! Feel the joy of being Mr. Business' totally not imaginary subordinate, because you're the only thing keeping him from realizing he's another piece of detritus slowly spiraling around the toilet bowl of life!

- Layout matters! Use your noggin' and put that Burger Joint next to that Pawn Shop!
- Craft 30+ resources! Discover how buildings work together and supply each other!
- Your buildings keep producing money and resources even while you’re away!
- Place over 55+ buildings, each with their own jobs and synergies!
- Equip your buildings with boosts to improve production!
- Hundreds of achievements and quests to keep you rockin'!
- Compete with other players via leaderboards!
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