Tap Your Zoo - Idle Clicker

Tap Your Zoo - Idle Clicker
Новое за ноябрь 2017
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Congratulations, you’ve just inherited a ZOO! Now you need to run it. Begin your adventure with Tap Your Zoo, our awesome new idle clicker, today - and get ready for hours of addictive fun.

Tap Your Zoo is an idle clicker game where every tap takes your zoo one step closer to the top. Just tap and have fun!

Progressing in Tap Your Zoo is incredibly simple!
- Click to earn money for developing your zoo
- The more animals you have in your zoo the more tickets you sell every second, increasing your profits!
- Entrance tickets can be exchanged for dollars in your deposit, but remember - there’s a limit on the deposit!
- Increasing the number of animals in your zoo maximizes ticket sales!
- Developing your zoo will make you earn more money per each tap!

- Simple, casual gameplay with opportunities to challenge yourself
- Colorful graphics
- Cute and sweet animals!
- The ultimate zoo clicker game
- 20 exotic animals from all around the world

The animals available in Tap Your Zoo are: a horse, groundhog, giraffe, toucan, arctic fox, sheep, eagle, hyena, anaconda, penguin, goat, llama, elephant, tiger, snow owl, chicken, cougar, lion, gorilla, and polar bear.
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