Radar Warfare

Radar Warfare
Новое за сентябрь 2016
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Take the control of your weapons and win the next Radar Warfare! Will you be able to stand against waves of countless enemies?
With your radar detect and localize the enemies, predict their movements and positions, and destroy them with your weapons before they reach your bases.

Radar Warfare is the first strategy game where the player has to manage resources to see the Battlefield: his Radar and his Scan pulses. Stay on your toes, between scans the enemy can strike.

Enter the battle!

Observe, Predict, and Fight!
Use the radar to detect your enemies’ positions
Predict where they are going and aim at the right position
Choose the best weapon and engage the enemy before it reaches your base!

Upgrade your weapons
Collect cards in the packs and loots, and upgrade your weapons stats!

6 weapons, 8 stats each
Fight with 6 different specialized weapons (anti-air, anti-ground, mixed)
Each weapon has 8 stats to upgrade: explosion radius, projectile speed, reload speed, hitpoints, sight radius, air damage, ground damage, regeneration speed

72 maps
Fight in various and unique maps
Maps contain roads and different spawn points for your bases and weapons

6 difficulty levels
You will start playing Normal mode, and the more you progress the more it gets insane! More units, more waves. Will you make it through?

20+ different enemies units
2 different types of enemies: air and ground. Choose the most appropriate weapon when it comes to fight!

5 different support consumables
Even the best among us need help sometimes… Activate your Support consumables to get some help fighting the enemies waves!
Ammunition kits, Repair kits, Pulses (when it gets tough!), ECM, and the last but not least, the Homing Missile (aka Oh S**t! Button)

Loots and Buffs
Convoys also spawn during the matches! They will help you in this insanity by giving you some resources and buffs!

2 game modes
Campaign: Fight the enemies and upgrade your weapons to progress through the maps
Last Stand: Measure yourself against the other players in the crazy Last Stand mode! How many waves will you be able to stand against?
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