Rabbit Planet

Rabbit Planet
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1. Development motive
Australia 1859, a place where there were no rabbits
One day 24 rabbits, that were brought from England as a prey, have escaped...
60 years later, there are more than 10 billion rabbits occupied the continent of Australia
(It's real!!! If you can't believe it, search for Australia rabbit!!!)

2. The truth of rabbits
* Male rabbits will mate every time they have a chance
* Female rabbits have 2 wombs so they are able to have multiple pregnancies
* Even though 70% of all rabbits in the world are gone, they can recover the number within a year

3. Rabbit Planet
One day, the earth is overpopulated by rabbits...
These rabbits have evolved and set a plan to seek other planets to live on
and build a colony of Rabbit Planet

4. How to Play
* Take care of the rabbit to maintain its reproductivity
* Get/Combine more than 50 type of rabbits and collect as many as you can
* The rabbit will mate every time it has a chance and give birth to a baby rabbit
* Send the baby rabbits to outer space and build the Rabbit Planet!
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