Nellie's Ark

Nellie's Ark
Новое за ноябрь 2016
Категория: Игры, Аркады, Семейные 229 р. Оценка пользователей
*Compatible with iPhone 5s and up, iPad mini 2 and up, iPod touch 6th Generation and up

In Nellie’s Ark, a fresh, whimsical and musically meditative block-clearing game, you’ll delve into the vibrant and retro-inspired world. Playing as Nellie, an adorable emoticon, you’ll move her from side to side to hit the ball and adapt to the changing block formations and colour schemes within the game.

Musically driven, the game’s soundscape evolves depending on Nellie’s colour and continually changes as the game unfolds. The beautiful music and percussive sound effects join forces to cultivate a personalised musical soundscape.

Starting simply and building in complexity, complete 63 levels across 7 worlds with 14 sets of collectables to unlock. Each set of collectables reveals a line from an original inspirational poem, adding an unexpected touch.

A new perspective on an old classic, Nellie’s Ark will delight with its simple gameplay, colourful modern art, and meditatively fun nature.

• Vibrant, colourful, handcrafted levels
• Relaxing, percussive soundtrack
• Smooth, and intuitive in-game controls
• Simple and striking art style
• Original inspirational poetry
• 63 levels across 7 worlds
• 14 sets of collectibles to unlock
• iCloud save
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