Mildly Interesting RTS

Mildly Interesting RTS
Новое за февраль 2017
Категория: Игры, Симуляторы, Стратегии Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
A touch-based real time strategy game that is mildly interesting. Emphasizes planning over APM.

- No ads.
- No energy bars, coins, or other scummy IAP.
- No crippled gameplay.
- Built with love by an indie game developer.

Early preview. Free for now: I may do non-scummy IAP such as skins/map packs in the future... or just make the game premium (not sure yet).

What people are saying about MIRTS:

"This RTS is indeed, mildly interesting" - A random person

"I was able to play my friend over wifi, during lunch, one-handed (my other hand was holding a delicious sammich)." - RTS enthusiast

"My significant other beat me. How is this possible?" - Former diamond league Starcraft player

"This old guy played against me and he won, but my APM was so high. How did he do that?" - Angsty teen who is inexperienced at RTS's

"I don't get this game. What is an APM?" - Someone who doesn't play RTS's and probably shouldn't have downloaded MIRTS

"The description of this game is probably better than the game itself. But I'll download it anyways." - Pessimistic viewer

"Meh." - Hobby game developer

"Wait, are you just quoting anyone that reaches out to you?" - Photographer

"I love bamboo." - A panda bear
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