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INO is the RPG to explore the planet. It's expressed by the pixel art, and have a mix of loneliness and unique eerie.
You belongs Investigation team, were appointed to create a map.
Company appointed him to create the map. The place is a planet that is if floating in space far away from the Earth.
The planet has been shrouded in mystery. For example, there are eerie creatures, the mystery ruins, zones of heat or cold. Can you success to complete the map, and go home to Earth?
In dark and lonely place, you keep walking.

2xxx years. , this is a little future story. This era has been activated to development and research in space.
Each of the country create investigating team and often fly into space to get the new resources and energy.
You belongs Investigation team, were appointed to create a map to procure resources efficiently.
After landing on the planet, you were the lookout of the spaceship. The other investigators went out to investigate.
However, one day, two days... five days. Even one person not came back.
You felt anxiety. Only you go out for search the investigators.
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