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Eggy Cats' Adventure

Eggy Cats' Adventure
Новое за май 2017
Категория: Игры, Симуляторы, Стратегии Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
Start adventure to the moon with cats!

Two cats who want to play on the moon begins to build their houses higher and higher, to reach the moon finally someday. They are recruiting cats to achieve this great aim. Now the adventure starts!

※ Building cat houses to reach the moon. The more rooms, the more resources.
※ Recruiting cats with different talents. A good leader always keeps the team perfectly functional.
※ Organizing adventure groups towards to unknown world. Clear away all the enemies on the way.
※ Finding secrets all over the world. Let’s go collect cat treasure (or garbage, maybe)!

Bright spot:
※ Each new room has a surprisingly new look. You will never know what cats are thinking about.
※ Organize adventure teams properly to collect resources and beat enemies.
※ Live an easy life and leave the work to cats. Check them when you have time. Incremental game has big fun!

Travel up to the moon and become a great cat!
Meow meow~ Meow meow~ Meow~~~
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