Drone Battles Multiplayer Game

Drone Battles Multiplayer Game
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Do you want real time multiplayer action with your friends? Drone Battles is here to deliver the best, action packed skill game here you engage people from all over the world in battles to the death!

How to play you ask?

The way you play is easy, all you need to do is to eliminate your enemies and deliver more boxes than them. Become the most powerful fighter as you win and move up in the ranklist of only the best players in the world.

Drone Battles is a game of fun, challenge and great mechanics. You will need to become the true aerial master in the arena. As you play, your RC drone can receive numerous upgrades. You can use these in order to take the drone’s power to the next level.

Choose your strategy!

Use a wide array of tactics and attacks in order to attack your enemies and become the best in delivering crates. Take your time and struggle as much as you can to eliminate you opponents right away. It will not be easy, but with the right approach and tactics you will be very impressed with the great gameplay offered here.
You always need to shift your battle strategies if you want to reach success. With a great set of gameplay ideas, interesting mechanics and fun, real time matches, you are always in for a treat when you play the game.

• Battle people from all over the world
• Unlock new drones and arenas
• Upgrade power-ups and your drone
• Complete customization options
• More than 400 part combinations to choose from
• Earn lots of prizes
• Challenge and play with your friends
• Progress through multiple Arenas all the way to the top
• Unique ranked system

Are you having problems? Feel free to ask or contact at any time at hello@hello@7-skills-software.com
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