Conglomerate: Become Rich & Famous

Conglomerate: Become Rich & Famous
Новое за май 2017
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Life isn’t always about your riches; it’s about the adventure to fame! In Conglomerate, aim to be the most popular business tycoon in the world while having multiple superstar pals around at all times!

Your capitalist adventure goes beyond the Hollywood spotlight and puts famous superstars just a phone call away! Build up your business portfolio and invite superstar pals to your business tower. They’ll even shower you with special gifts and bonuses! Introduce your crowd to their idols, build and upgrade your businesses, and help the crowd when needed. Engrave a wonderful experience to your crowd’s hearts and make them forget about their home!

Conglomerate Features:

• Live like a business tycoon – Build and manage profitable businesses while charming your friends.
• Help people find their missing items and receive rewards from your generosity!
• Invite superstars and get special benefits as you increase your business portfolio.

• Build various businesses in your tower from a pretty boutique to mafia headquarters!
• Tap to build faster and collect your riches to expand to more floors and business investments.
• Rearrange your tower at will to bring more crowds of people to your businesses.
• Use your riches to meet and invite various superstars to your business tower!

• Start with $1,000 virtual cash and aim to be the richest, most famous business tycoon!
• Protect your business tower from burglars trying to steal your heard-earned riches.
• Challenge fellow Conglomerates to build the highest commercial business tower in the world!

• Brag about your riches to your fellow Conglomerates on social media!
• Connect to Facebook and get special benefits to help you build faster.

Start your own business adventure and live the way of the RICH and FAMOUS on Conglomerate now!

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