MedPlus - Personal Care Reimagined

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MedPlus - Personal Care Reimagined
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MedPlus is a revolutionary application that allows the user to keep track of his or her medical information. This data includes blood readings, calorie intakes, physical activity, and other notes.

- Customize reminders for medication intakes
- Track information and organize it using hashtags
- Free cloud support and storage
- Use your "" account and import info
- 24/7 Support
- Dropbox and iCloud Support
- Customizable health journal and log

MedPlus is a great app for both young people and older people. Kids and teens can keep track of what they eat, and the medication they take. Elderly people and adults can use MedPlus to see how much they exercise and record blood readings. After a certain number of blood glucose entries, the user can view a Blood Glucose Deviation Level.

The user can save the information FREE in the cloud where it is safe. Reports can also be exported in a .csv or .pdf file format.

At the end of everyday, your daily information is organized into a beautiful easy to read list.

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