Extreme Flight

Extreme Flight
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Extreme Flight is a 3D flight combat game in classic arcade style. Manipulate your craft to travel across and eradicate all the enemies. As you progress, you can also unlock more powerful space vehicles, and upgrade your crafts and props.

Stunning full 3D graphics, dynamic background music, exciting game rhythm, completely different flight combat experience!

There are eight different armor of enemy aircraft. What you have to do is to shoot down and break them, challenge the flight distance and score among wolrd players. Try to avoid the thick armor of the enemy! In addition, the opposite may launch 'blue magic ball', and sometimes more than one, try to avoid them.
In the end of the game, you may check your own ranking of the world spontaneously. The top 3 winners will get relevant medals as prices. What's more, any of top 25 players could get various number of coins as rewards.

Game features:
1, Stunning full 3D graphics.
2, Four fighters to fly on.
3, real-time to check your world ranking.
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