Ancient Chronicles

Ancient Chronicles
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"Ancient Chronicles is a game for REAL gamers – do you have what it takes?" -

Ancient Chronicles is a turn-based, hex wargame, a heroic epic saga in a fantasy version of the medieval Eastern Europe.
The story begins in the land of Vityachev, where young warlord Svyatopolk, inspired by tales of ancient heroes and fables of great dukes rules his land with wisdom and kindness.
Challenges are awaiting young Svyatopolk, and you are the one to help him! Lead the warriors to glory!
This wonderful game will immerse you into medieval myths and legends, stories that were never told before.

- Old school strategy boardgame aesthetic
- Turn-based gameplay
- Hexagonal battlefield
- 10 fascinating missions
- Three difficulty modes: modern casual, normal and old-school hard mode
- Awesome hand-drawn 2D HD graphics
- Unique fantasy dark age Europe setting

No Internet connection required.
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