Poly Drive - Endless Power Attack

Poly Drive - Endless Power Attack
Новое за сентябрь 2017
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Poly Drive!! Endlessly drive & fly away your Poly Car as fast as you can!

Different modes to play as Beginner & Pro.
Crash & Shoot down enemies in a flash!
Never run out of bullets, just focus & shoot.
Pick coins, Go invisible, fly high with amazing power ups.
Unlock fastest poly cars.

- Amazing endless driving
- Colorful & vivid environments (Town, War zone, Airport, Raliways and more).
- Interesting powerups like multiple Shields, Nitro, Bullets, Health & Jetpack.
- Drive & Fly away your Poly car from the deadly tankers.
- Powerful 16 poly car pack garage (Mini, Pickup, SUV, Sedan, Beetle Poly, Luxury, Loader, Roadster, Super Poly, Loader, Van, Taxi, Tow Truck, Old Skool, Swat, Super Tanker and more).
- Shoot away enemies & gain power
- Earn coins on the driveway and unlock your favorite poly car.
- New daily endless challenges.
- Spin the wheel to earn coins and experience more speedy cars.
- Beat your own high score & top your leaderboard.
- Unlock challenging achievements to earn coins.

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