Carbon Warfare

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Carbon Warfare
Категория: Игры, Симуляторы, Образование 229 р.
Can you drive mankind to destroy the Earth? Spread carbon emissions throughout the world in this shockingly realistic simulation and discover the terrible price of global warming!

Carbon Warfare is the strategy game that lets you destroy the Earth by pushing humans to generate massive carbon emissions, raising the global temperature, and unleashing catastrophe in order to turn the Earth into a burning hellscape. Beware, humans are not stupid: plan your strategy carefully, hide from the media and adapt to political and environmental changes until destruction reigns!

Carbon Warfare has 5 different scenarios, each with unique gameplay experiences and strategy. You can play different roles in order to dig deeply into every part of global warming.

* Stunning visuals of the Earth burning, step by step
* Reality-based events to provide a deep level of simulation
* 5 scenarios with 3 difficulty levels each to explore
* Various strategy combinations to win the game
* 11 types of catastrophes to destroy the Earth

Recommend devices: iPhone 5s+, iPad Mini 2+