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Скидки в App Store 31 июля
Каждый день в App Store распродаются десятки игр и программ для iPhone и iPad, еще часть раздается совершенно бесплатно. Конечно, не все предложения вызывают интерес, но часть из них однозначно заслуживает внимания.

Однако пока наберется достаточное количество игр и программ, их стоимость может измениться. Поэтому рекомендуем вам не ждать появления подборки, а следить за обновление раздела «Скидки в App Store» самостоятельно.

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Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Приключения 75p. ► Бесплатно
Tired of playing never ending games?
We present you BOMBARIKA, where you can ultimately win the game!!

Locked up in a house with a bomb(s), do you have what it takes to spot the bomb(s) and push it out of the house with the help of living room objects??

Are you ready to finish the game in 30 mins to experience the Game Completion screen?

Then Welcome to the world of Bombarika!

Tick-tock, tick-tock - The clock is ticking! Save the house! Time is precious. All you have are sofas, shelves, electronic devices, door mats, etc…to push the bomb out of the house before it explodes. Game completion time is roughly 30-45 minutes.

Complete each level to unlock power-ups and bigger, funnier levels. You don't have to diffuse the bomb, all you need to do is discard it!

Hints will help you finish the game if you’re stuck!



Experience the fun of saving various houses in the world of Bombarika. The game starts with a Classic Bomb, which randomly drops in one particular place in the house. Most of the objects come alive in the game to help save the house from the destruction (while the humans are oblivious). Every object has different characteristics, such as pushing and blocking. Using these objects looks easy, but finding the exit in little time makes the game challenging. A variety of bombs and power-ups can be unlocked by RIKAS (collectibles) in the shop. Duplex houses, hidden rooms, multiple bombs in a single level, bonus levels, and many more fun things can be experienced in the higher levels. Simple, minimalist levels will bring happiness, joy, and calm when playing Bombarika.


Enjoy beautiful levels filled with interactive household objects and puzzles. Explore the changing dynamics between objects, bombs, and grenades.


The artwork is a mixture of modern and retro architectural styles, complemented by well-crafted household objects, smooth gameplay, and a simple environment with stunning geometric structures.


Small rooms to duplex houses or upside down buildings, along with an excellent collection of bombs, grenades and fruits. Never-before-seen collectibles available.


Immerse yourself in unique, melodious music and interactive soundscapes. Relaxing original music was tailored perfectly for the difficulty of the levels.


Well-designed blueprints are available for every level. Daily bonus are available on the main menu. New and unique Bombs available in the shop (Not IAP).


The joy of unlocking a challenging achievement will help you gain experience points throughout Bombarika.


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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Аркады 229p. ► 75 р.
*[Important] Warning regarding iOS 9
This app may not run correctly under iOS 9
We apologize for the inconvenience that may cause to you and thank you for your understanding.

The second chapter of the acclaimed run-and-gun action shooting series, "METAL SLUG 2" launches on iPhone / iPod Touch!
Thwart General Morden's evil ambition, and uncover the secret of his new coup!!

■Not only a perfect port of the original NEOGEO game!
In addition to its classic “ARCADE MODE”, this perfect conversion of “METAL SLUG 2” includes a “MISSION MODE”, allowing you to select in which stage you want to play!
You can now train yourself in your favorite stages or those which give you a hard time!

■New playable characters will assist you on the battlefield!
2 female recruits, Eri, a former super agent, and, Fio, the heir of a military family, join Regular Army's PF Squad Marco and Tarma, in order to put an end to Gen. Morden's dastardly plans. Moreover, you will be supported during your mission by a heroic prisoner who will fight alongside you once freed, and a volunteer who will provide you with bonus items!

■Use new weapons and slugs to fight your way through and survive on the battlefield!!
The METAL SLUG arsenal expands with the introduction of new weapons such as the "Laser Shot", "Flame Bottles", and new slug vehicles such as the "Slugnoid" (bipedal tank) and the "Slug Flyer" (fighter plane)! The "Camel Slug", a camel equipped with a Vulcan Cannon also awaits in the Desert Stage to help you!!

■ A control scheme allowing for precise controls!
The "Autofire" feature allows you to fire your weapons continuously by holding down the button,
you can reposition the buttons outside of the game screen area in "Window mode".
Enjoy every corner of METAL SLUG 2 using your own custom controls!

■Intense cooperative gameplay via the Wi-Fi function!
"METAL SLUG 2” can be doubly enjoyed by playing with another brother-in-arms simultaneously via the Wi-Fi function!
Will you be able to clear the hardest stages with your friends?

■Compatible with “GAME CENTER”!
Complete the maximum number of “ACHIEVEMENTS” in order to increase your "METAL SLUG 2" Player Rank!
Beat the best scores and become World’s Number 1!!

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Категория: Игры, Боевики, Аркады 229p. ► 75 р.
*[Important] Warning regarding iOS 9
This app may not run correctly under iOS 9
We apologize for the inconvenience that may cause to you and thank you for your understanding.

The masterpiece of 2D action-shooting, "METAL SLUG X", lands on iPhone/iPod touch! Foil General Morden's new coup attempt!!

Features list:
■A remake of "METAL SLUG 2"!
"METAL SLUG X" is an updated version of "METAL SLUG 2" with a lot of new elements for even more fun and excitement!
Bosses and other enemy characters await you at different points on the battlefield, so that even players who have perfected the previous installment will enjoy this new and improved game map!

■Shoot down your enemies with new weapons!!
New weapons, such as the "Iron Lizard" (remote-controlled missiles), the "Drop Shot" (bouncing landmines), and the "Enemy Chaser" (homing missiles), have been added to the impressive METAL SLUG arsenal.

■An "Arcade-Perfect" NEOGEO Port with extra features!
In addition to the classic “ARCADE MODE”, you can select any mission you have previously cleared and play them separately in “MISSION MODE”. You can enjoy your favorite stages at will and train on the missions you have not mastered yet!

■Precise and Customizable Controls!
The Autofire function allows you to fire continuously by holding down the Shot button. Moreover, you can change the position of your configuration outside of the game screen area in “Window” Mode. Enjoy every pixel of “METAL SLUG X” with your very own custom controls!

■Engage into intense Multiplayer gameplay via Wi-Fi!
Now you can enjoy “METAL SLUG X” with a friend through a Wi-Fi connection. Team up with a brother in arms to accomplish together the difficult missions available in “METAL SLUG X”!

■Compatible with “GAME CENTER”!
Complete the maximum number of “ACHIEVEMENTS” in order to increase your "METAL SLUG X" Player Rank!
Beat the best scores and become World’s Number 1!!

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Категория: Игры, Аркады, Боевики 299p. ► 149 р.
A new generation in the wolf bloodline.
GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES joins the battle on iPhone !


■"FATAL FURY" Series' new generation title
This latest installment in the legendary series from SNK welcomes a new hero with Rock Howard, the posthumous successor of Geese Howard who was raised by the "Legendary Wolf" Terry Bogard, and a host of all-new charismatic characters with their own unique background story and goals.

■A fully redesigned game system
"GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES" renews the series with the "T.O.P. SYSTEM", a revolutionary game mechanic that can be set anywhere on the character's lifebar and gives access to a unique attack and significantly increases the character's hitting power. Moreover, the "JUST DEFENDED" mechanic offers a multitude of bonuses to the player if he successfully blocks his enemy's attacks at the last moment. Finally, the "BREAKING" feature allows to cancel specific special moves to other for impressive combos and damage.

■New charismatic characters
With the exception of the series' historical hero "Terry Bogard", all the participating characters in "GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES" are new, and some of them have some connections with characters from previous installments.

■New features unique to this mobile port
In addition to the 4 & 6 button type layouts, the "SP" and "FM" special buttons allows the user to respectively activate Special and Desperation Moves with the touch of a button. Furthermore, this faithful port of "GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES" features a "PRACTICE" mode, in which you can train all you moves and best combos, a "SURVIVAL" mode, where you fight all the game characters until your life bar depletes to zero. Finally, "GAROU: MARK OF THE WOLVES " is also compatible with "Bluetooth" game controllers for the best game experience ever.

■2P VERSUS PLAY via the WiFi functionality
Challenge your friends in intense and epic battles via your smartphone's WiFi functionality!
Death Squared (RORORORO)
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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Головоломки 229p. ► 15 р.
Death Squared - это игра-головоломка для 1 или 2 человек. От вас - координация и сотрудничество. От нас - взрывающиеся роботы.

SMG Studio’s first console game is now available to play on your phone.


80 + игровых уровней
Супер-сложные уровни в хранилище
Полностью озвученная история
Оригинальный саундтрек Брэда Джентли
Шапочки для персонажей! Потому, что шапка - путь к успеху!
Взрывающиеся роботы
Игра работает с беспроводными контроллерами


“Death Squared это наш любимый… ко-оп” - IGN

“Потрясающая игра” - - Kinda Funny

“Игра требует умственных усилий, но будет понятна как настоящим фанатам головоломок, так и их детям, и даже родителям” - Polygon

“Решите эту головоломку или взорвитесь от усилий, пытаясь это сделать" - Pocket Gamer

“Настоящее испытание для вашей координации" - player2
Motorsport Manager Mobile 2
Снижение цены
Категория: Игры, Спорт, Гонки 299p. ► 149 р.
Долгожданное продолжение получившей высочайшие оценки критиков игры на тему автоспорта в App Store, Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 является первоклассным симулятором гоночной команды.

Создайте собственную команду и возьмите в свои руки принятие всех важных решений. Нанимайте пилотов, собирайте команду, совершенствуйте ваши автомобили и проложите себе путь к славе.


Помогите своей команде пройти путь от начала Европейской автогоночной серии до вершины Чемпионата мира по автоспорту.

Мир игры меняется вместе с вами по мере того, как вы прогрессируете от сезона к сезону. На пути у команд взлеты и падения. Гонщики становятся лучше, затем стареют и уходят из спорта. Динамическое обсуждение условий контрактов и наделенные интеллектом противники не дадут вам расслабиться.

У вас, возможно, и лучший автомобиль в автопарке, но настоящую славу можно завоевать только на гоночной трассе. Станет ли ваша стратегия победной или, быть может, вовремя не поменянная шина станет причиной неудачи?

Откройте глубокий, стратегически сложный и увлекательный мир игры Motorsport Manager Mobile 2 благодаря таким возможностям, как дизайн компонентов автомобиля, режимы работы двигателя, дополнительные составы материала, из которого изготовлены шины, больше параметров прижимной силы, расширенная система спонсорской поддержки и прочее.
To the Moon
Снижение цены
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Ролевые игры 379p. ► 169 р.
Игровой опыт про двух врачей, путешествующих по воспоминаниям умирающего мужчины, в попытке искусственно исполнить его последнее желание.

To the Moon – классическая игра в жанре RPG. Права на разработку и публикацию обновленной мобильной версии приобретены компанией X.D. Network Inc. Оригинальная версия игры для ПК была разработана канадским продюсером Kan Gao и его независимой командой разработчиков Freebird Games. Игра вышла в продажу 6 лет назад, получив всеобщую положительную оценку. Игра выполнена в пиксельной графике. Можно даже сказать, что это фильм в форме игры. Хотя всю игру можно пройти за несколько часов и в ней нет сражений, ее подробное, интересное изложение, трогательная музыка и побуждающий глубоко задуматься сюжет получили свой отклик и положительную оценку от игроков со всего мира. Кроме того, игра была удостоена множества значимых наград от авторитетных СМИ: Gamespot (лучший сценарий), Metacritic (лучшая игра), WIRED (лучшая игра) и др., а также в этом году была номинирована на премию Steam в номинации «Я не плачу, просто что-то в глаз попало».

Об этой игре
У доктора Розалин и доктора Уоттс необычная работа: они дают пациентам шанс прожить жизнь заново, с самого начала… но только в их сознании.

Из-за трудности проведения операции, новая жизнь станет последним, что будут помнить пациенты перед тем, как уйти в мир иной. Поэтому эта процедура проводится только для тех, кто находится на смертном одре, чтобы исполнить желание, которое они мечтали осуществить всю жизнь, но не смогли.

История рассказывает о попытках исполнить мечту старика по имени Джонни. С каждым шагом назад во времени, раскрывается новый фрагмент его прошлого. По мере того, как два доктора сводят воедино кусочки паззла прожитой жизни, они пытаются понять, почему же больной старик выбрал в качестве своего предсмертного желания именно это.

А последнее желание Джонни, это, конечно же… полет на луну.

• Разблокированы 29 новых стикера imessage
• Добавлена функция "Музыкальная шкатулка", поддерживается фоновое воспроизведение/загрузка музыки из игры (автоматически включается после активации)
• Добавлена новая функция обмена QR-кодами DIY, появилась возможность поделиться в один клик, возможность синхронизировать прогресс игры на нескольких устройствах
• Уникальный сюжетный игровой процесс
• Инновационная комбинация элементов приключенческой игры и эстетики классической RPG
• Знаменитый оригинальный саундтрек, тесно связывающий игрока с историей
• Быстрое развитие сюжета, без филлеров и пустой траты времени

Поддерживаемые языки: английский, французский, японский, китайский (упрощенный китайский, традиционный китайский), немецкий, испанский, корейский, немецкий, польский, португальский, турецкий. Русский язык в течение 1 месяца.

Languages Supported:
* English
* Français
* Deutsch
* Español (Latinoamérica)
* Español (Europa)
* Português
* Polski
* lingua italiana (Italian)
* русский(Russian)
* 한국어 (Korean)
* 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese)
* 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)
* 日本語 (Japanese)
* Türk dili(Turkish)
* Українська(Ukraine)

Facebook: /TotheMoonHD
Twitter: @TotheMoonHD
Service Email: TotheMoon@xindong.com

© 2017 X.D. Network Inc. All rights reserved.
Lightstream Racer
Снижение цены
Категория: Игры, Гонки, Боевики 229p. ► Бесплатно
Futuristic anti gravity racing! Bring the fun to the real world using Augmented Reality!
Full game, all modes, tracks and cars available with a 1 TIME PURCHASE!

Featured as Game of the Day on the App Store! (28/06/2018)
Editor’s Choice Award – AR Critic (28/06/2018)

“Lightstream Racer is a fantastic augmented reality racing game and it’s definitely the best AR racing game I’ve played to this date.” - AR Critic (9.2/10)
“Sci-fi graphics done in a futuristic style” - PDALIFE (9.7/10)
"A racing arcade with augmented reality" - Games@mail.ru (8.5/10)

“An AR Take on Wipeout crossed with the classic MicroMachines" – VRFocus
"If you've ever missed playing with the Hot Wheels track you once had" – Pocket Gamer
“one of the most convincing AR titles seen on iPhone and iPad” – iPhon.fr
"the track can completely encircle the player, providing a new perspective on the racing action" – Techristic

See tracks appear in the real world using ARKit with iOS 11 in any location! Share your screenshots with #LightstreamRacer (Please stay safe and be considerate to others.)

Mobile mode lets you race in outer space! Complete all tracks, unlock all cars and compete online across all 5 lap and Hot lap races! Try controlling the camera view with your device gyroscope to take control of the action!

Get close to the action and see the stunning graphics with real-time lighting effects. Take a screenshot and share with your friends in AR Showroom mode! #LightstreamRacer

Anti gravity racing in short circuit bursts, experience exciting arcade entertainment as you drift around corners, use the Mag Grip to hold tight on fast corners! Extra momentum, awarded as you complete each lap, increases your top speed - making each lap faster than the last!

Tabletop tracks appear as a race track in front of your eyes! 360 degree tracks let you choose where you want to stand, the whole track will surround you in this room scale experience! Don’t worry though you won’t need a large living room as you can simply turn around to keep pace with the car. (Please take care and be aware of your surroundings.)

The path to earning your racing stripes! Compete against the Seeker in offline mode, to hone your skills in the virtual world. You’ll progress across multiple tracks and unlock new difficulties with faster cars. These then also become available in online mode.

Online mode lets you race against other player times on your device, the seeker takes on their time as you strive to overtake on every turn! Online mode features exciting 5-Lap and Hot Lap races.

Take on a rival player’s time! You have 10 laps to beat their best lap time or it’s game over! Be as precise as possible on the corners and straights to set your best time!

As you rise in difficulty with each new level comes more advanced cars with progressively higher top speeds! Lap times come down, but the risk of drifting off the track increases!

Streamlined, two button control system is super intuitive to use while offering a huge amount of depth as you perfect your racing line. Momentum fills with every successful lap in race modes increasing your top speed making timing your acceleration critical.

Prove your mad skills and climb the Online leaderboard against other players! The leaderboard is available across all 5 Lap Races and Hot Lap track modes.

Challenge other player race times and make some new friends. Enjoy Lightstream Racer together!

Facebook,Twitter, Instagram: LightstreamRace

Web: Lightstreamracer.com

Further information available in our FAQ:
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Категория: Игры, Головоломки, Приключения 229p. ► 15 р.
The Reignman is an innovative Roguelike indie game based on exploration and strategic battles.

The game combines RPG and Roguelike play.In the game, the player plays the role of a team leader and encounters various events such as pubs, camps, training grounds, altars, and monster Boss levels in the five chapter maps. They can recruit, treat, upgrade, and revive the heroes, make the team grow stronger.In the monster Boss level, players control the team to move in the right direction to attack and defend, with the hero's unique skills, the battle to bring endless strategies!

· Strategy adventure game with Roguelike element, if you die in the game, you must restart your adventure!
. Randomly generated more than 100 levels and independently chose to explore the route in 5 chapters.
· Nearly 100 different heroes ready to choose with 4 jobs skills help for fight .
· Taverns, altars, treasures , training grounds, and random mysterious events,make the most appropriate choice to get the goal.
· Get your medal , Repeated Customs clearance can add a certain attribute.
· 4 jobs form their own characteristic, player should properly matched with the hero skill to move in the right direction.
· Experience simple and unique fighting style, each choice is vital.
Mos Speedrun 2
Снижение цены
Категория: Игры, Приключения, Аркады 169p. ► 75 р.
Mos вернулась и предлагает вместе с ней пережить ее самое большое и самое захватывающее приключение!

Прыжок от стены к победе длиною в 30 таинственных и наполненных заданиями уровней!

На этот раз Моs может выполнять новые фантастические трюки: перелетать на канате, плавать в желеобразном веществе, толкать блоки, отпрыгивать от стен и пробираться через паутину, чтобы пройти до конца уровня.

Вы не одни отправляетесь в это новое приключение. Вы можете посоревноваться со своими друзьями в самом быстром прохождении игры. Они будут изображены в виде призраков, которые борются за каждый сантиметр пути, чтобы показать наилучшее время на финише.

Вы решаете, как играть: Любите скорость? Можете попробовать превзойти результат по скоростному прохождению на каждом уровне. Предпочитаете собирать? Попробуйте собрать все монетки, спрятанные в уровнях. Если Вы эксперт, то можете поискать на уровнях золотые черепа, которые находятся только в опасных и секретных районах.

Функция, с помощью которой можно одеть героя, снова доступна и предоставляет наилучшие варианты, которые когда-либо были. Желаете костюм динозавра, шляпу и нос клоуна? Будет сделано!

И еще многое другое Вам предстоит обнаружить, ведь игра Mos Speedrun 2 полна сюрпризов!
The Game - Play ... as long as you can!
Снижение цены
Категория: Игры, Карточные, Настольные 229p. ► 75 р.
"The Game" is the digital single player version of the popular card game, that was nominated in 2015 for the german "Spiel des Jahres" (Game of the Year).

Play ... as long as you can! The Game is you opponent. You can beat it, but even if the rules are very simple - it will not be easy. Think carefully and plan ahead, this is the only way to succeed! During the game, four piles of cards are formed. Two piles are in ascending order (numbers 1–99), and two piles are in descending order (numbers 100–2). The player tries to lay as many cards as possible, all 98 if possible, in four piles of cards.

Play the game - or the game starts playing with you ...

- Easy start into the game
- Game mode "Classic" - corresponds to the 1-player game of the card game
- Single player mode "On Fire" - including the popular extension
- Brandnew variant "Lift Up" - with additional scoring
- Additional difficulty levels in game modes "Classic" and "On Fire"
- Local leaderboard for the "Lift Up" variant
- Supporting Game Center with leaderboard and achievements


"This is the solitaire game only, and it's nearly perfect [...] It's this combination of luck-of-the-draw mixed with hand management that creates a load of tension and makes The Game shine." BoardGameGeek

"The Game offers a fun and challenging puzzle game and a faithful recreation of the cardboard version." (4/5) pocket tactics

"... a solid, really enjoyable and challenging solitaire-style game [...] well worth a look." AppAddict.net
Gold Rush! Anniversary HD
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Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Приключения 229p. ► 75 р.
In 1988, Rush appeared with Gold! in one of the most comprehensive adventure games of the 1980s. Now, the fondly remembered game, Gold Rush! has been developed anew, to today’s highest standards. No aspect of modern gaming has been overlooked. You can experience the famous California Gold Rush with high-resolution graphics, speech synthesis, a superb sound track and modern user interface features. Optimized game-flow will enhance your traveling and interactions with other characters of the period.
Gold Rush! takes you back to the year 1849, when gold was discovered in California. It was certainly one of the most exciting times in American history. Gold Rush! includes the three routes tens of thousands took to the gold regions. Become Jerrod Wilson and experience each trek as you travel from New York to California.

Whichever route you decide to take, you will see many historical sights. Try going overland across the Great Plains and huge mountain ranges, crossing the Isthmus of Panama, or rounding Cape Horn on the tip of South America. If you survive and arrive at Sutter’s Fort, the adventure is still only half over! Many other puzzles remain to be solved before you achieve your goals in California.

• Far more than 130 pre-rendered images and animated scenes
• Three different approaches
• High quality voices in English and new recorded music
• Subtitles in English or German
• Optimized quests, dead-ends and random-dies
• New intelligent Point&Click control, optimized for touch!

• This game is optimized for devices from 7", because the small details are better visible and better to control. But it runs also on smaller devices.
Снижение цены
Категория: Игры, Развлечения, Головоломки 75p. ► Бесплатно
ston is a mind-bending minimalistic puzzle game with unique and remarkable design. ston does not have a timer or move limits, allowing you to just relax and focus.

Your goal is to remove all of the cubes by passing on them.

ston is now ready to cook your brain. Are you?


● 250 mind-blowing levels
● Level creator
● Remarkable minimalistic design
● Relaxing, peaceful music and sounds
● 100% indie

■■■ to see your created level in the 3rd package, visit ston's Facebook page and send your level card to us ■■■

А еще у нас есть канал Telegram. Там также очень удобно следить за новостями на app-s.

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02.08.2018 в 15:11
Hags Castle раздаётся бесплатно!
Hags Castle — Edward Sludden https://itunes.apple.com/ru/app/hags-castle/id1387161479?mt=8
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02.08.2018 в 16:24
Sonic The Hedgehog 4™ Ep. II — SEGA стал частью коллекции Sega Forever и соответственно, бесплатный. https://itunes.apple.com/ru....35?mt=8
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