Drift Girls

Drift Girls
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Take speed-dating to the next level with Drift Girls! The world's first mobile racing/dating sim. It's a little bit racy, and you're going to love it!

Join us for our Japan launch with tons of new content for our racers! Finish Episode 2 for access to the new Car Component and visual enhancements we’ve made to Drift Girls. Now just like in real life, the more a girl likes you, the faster your car will go! Sign-up for the Drift Girls Sponsorship Package subscription for extra benefits. Now you can share your achievements with the world on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t be shy about the game: Turn up the volume on the girls screaming as you whip around the tracks!

Enter drag races against players from around the world in our challenging PVP matches. The top drifters get the hottest girls, so take the time to tune your engine with nitro extension bursts and road hugging tire upgrades. Now you can dismantle your junkers and turn them into gold for your main cars. Find the perfect car for your races and burn rubber by taking on the top speed Italian cars or the high curve velocity Japanese drifting machines. Drift in your dream car, date your dream girl, and put them together in Drift Girls!

Race in the most wanted cars and become the racer the Drift Girls need to love. Pick your favorite Drift Girl in the improved loading screens! Shift gears away from the pack of dirty dragsters looking to take you down to the beautiful Drift Girls looking for a racer who knows how to slow down. Learn the art of seduction when dating these diverse and beautiful babes! Customize your ride and buy gifts to keep your girls happy and prove yourself a top player. Drift Girls presents racers with the chance to become the world's best racer and the world's best lover all in one tight package!

• Burn up the track with bursts of nitro!
• Date the hottest girls who love to drift!
• Slam the shift gear when drifting into each turn and push your car to the limit!
• Break out on the drag strip and watch the women flock to yourself a king of the streets.
• Go out with fascinating women of the world! Visit the dog park with the zoologist one night and seduce the dangerous detective in a upscale bar.
• Each girl is as unique as each race, and you'll need to pay attention to keep them happy. A happy Drift Girl will improve your performance on the race track dramatically!

Avoid the drama, hit the curves, and start racing today!

If you need to reach Customer Support, please email us at driftgirls@hangame.com
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