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voice bot
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--:: NEW improved sound algorithm and a new look. ::--

Voice bot is a real time channel vocoder. A vocoder takes the spectral information of one sound also known as a modulator and uses it to shape another sound called a carrier. The resulting sound is a bit like a singing robot. In this case the microphone is used to modulate a 3 oscillator polyphonic sound engine. Also there are settings for 1-64 filter bands and effects like sample and bit crush, stereo delay and flanger. Voice bot does core midi note input and audiobus iaa ports.

+++ Microphone input.
+++ Filter bands settings: 1-64.
+++ Modulator recording tape.
+++ 3 oscillator carrier.
+++ Oscillator shapes: saw, square, pulse and noise.
+++ Sample rate crush.
+++ Bit crush.
+++ 4 tap stereo delay.
+++ 1 tap flanger type effect.
+++ Core midi (usb/wifi).
+++ Audiobus iaa ports (output, effect and input).
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