QuickPlan Pro - Project plan, schedule management HD

QuickPlan Pro - Project plan, schedule management HD
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QuickPlan - Project plan has never been so EASY
● QuickPlan for iPad (17.99$ --> 7.99$) - (this app)
● QuickPlan for iPhone (7.99$ --> 2.99$) - https://itunes.apple.com/app/id699434089

OrgChart - Simplify organization chart maintenance
● OrgChart for iPad (2.99$ --> 0.99$) - https://itunes.apple.com/app/id854205158
● OrgChart for iPhone (2.99$ --> 0.99$) - https://itunes.apple.com/app/id948469929

WBS - Project Work breakdown structure and estimate
● WBS for iPad (6.99$ --> Free) - https://itunes.apple.com/app/id879291053

Project management with natural gestures on Gantt chart, synchronizing and sharing projects across multiple devices and across teams, AND supports Microsoft project plan integration.

QuickPlan Pro, is THE easy to use project planning app for the iPad. NATURAL GESTURE use makes project maintenance easier, faster and more efficient than ever before. Visualize, maintain and simplify projects on Gantt charts, lay out tasks, arrange your project calendar and resources, track task status - all at your fingertips with a minimum of effort and learning.

QuickPlan supports to export projects as Image, Excel, PDF, Microsoft project, WBS files, AND to import projects from Microsoft project, Mobilinked WBS, Mind map and Excel files.

Projects can be synchronized projects across multiple devices via iCloud automatically, and can be shared across teams and devices via AirDrop, Email, Dropbox, Box and iTunes.

● Feature video http://youtu.be/F2zYhQPiV3w
● Support and feedback - at http://quickplan.mobilinked.biz

QuickPlan Pro fine-tunes the best features of Microsoft Project Plan(MPP) and re-purposes them for the iPad - without the complexity - bringing INTUITIVE and discoverable project maintenance to users of all experience levels.

— EASY and FAST —
Natural gestures use on task updating, gantt chart operating and navigation.
· Gestures to update task time, sequence, link, outline level and other task properties ;
· Gestures to change start time of entire project
· Gestures to zoom, centralize task, centralize today, select task, scroll tasks, collapse / expand task group
· Smooth and clean UI
· Batch task inputing - input / paste multiple tasks

· Multiple projects
· Project duplication (whole and partial project)
· Outline and Gantt chart views
· Project resource, calendar, charge rate, currency
· Organize tasks in child projects and task groups
· 4 outline levels (plus child project, totally 8 outline levels)
· Task properties: Name, WBS No, Notes, Date and duration, % complete, resource, contact, work, physical % complete, labor cost, materials cost, contact, icon
· Milestone
· Task column visibility customization and UI display visibility
. Task copy/paste, repeat, divide
. Increase row height to show more
· Passcode

· Export as Image, PDF, Microsoft Excel files
· Options to customize Excel content (3 sheets included)
· Options to customize PDF content (author name, banner image, page size and etc.)
· "Open in" support

· Sync projects automatically via iCloud
· With local version control to use

· Export and import projects across multiple devices
· Via Airdrop, Dropbox, Box and iTunes.
· Share whole project or partial project(include tasks of specific project members) via email.

· Export project as Microsoft Project file (in xml format), and import from Microsoft Project file (in xml format)
· Export as Mobilined WBS file, and import from Mobilinked WBS file
· Import project from Microsoft Excel file
· Import project from iThought map file

· Auto backup to iTunes and Dropbox
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