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Platonics is an immersive, interactive sensory experience. Enter the mind of Plato as you explore the beauty and simplicity of the Platonic Solids. Enjoy spinning these sacred geometric shapes, discovering their secrets and simply relaxing to the gorgeous visuals and soothing sounds.

A platonic solid is a three-dimensional shape whose faces are all the same shape and whose corners are the meeting place of the same number of polygons. There are only 5 which can exist.

In the ancient mystery schools the study of sacred geometry was considered an indispensable requirement for gaining a greater understanding of life. It was known and understood that the five platonic solid shapes are a part of the building blocks of life. Together with the sphere these five shapes are the component parts of Metatrons Cube which itself is a part of the Flower of Life pattern from which all forms of life are created.


6 unique and gorgeous levels to explore, each with a bespoke music to help enchant you into the world of Platonics.

5 platonic solids; Tetrahedron, Hexahedron, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, Icosahedron.

1 additional special shape: Star-Tetrahedron

“Ideas are the source of all things” Plato


Miki Zoric - DESIGN
Will Jane - CODE
Benthal - MUSIC
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