Orby Widgets - To Make Notification Center Even More Useful

Orby Widgets - To Make Notification Center Even More Useful
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# Get to know more about your device right from Notification Center #

Don't keep yourself in the dark anymore. Know all about your device in the notification center with beautiful, orb shaped Orby Widgets.

Enjoy the bundle that includes:

***** Newly Added Widgets *****

- Speed Call widget for iPhone: now speed call upto 8 contacts and even dial numbers using the inline dialer keypad, right from the Notification Center

- Music sharing widget: now show your friends what you're listening to on Facebook and Twitter


- Memory widget

- CPU widget

- Storage widget

- Battery widget

- Data usage (Network) widget

- Network addresses widget

- Runtime widget

- And many more in the pipeline

You can even customize your widgets with an array of colorful themes to match your style!


Like, dislike, love or hate? Please leave a review for everyone to know.

For feedback, suggestions or to request a widget idea, please write to us at consmini@gmail.com

You're welcome!
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