OnTop: Calendar & Reminders

OnTop: Calendar & Reminders
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OnTop is a Calendar and Task Manager application for your iPhone. It combines your tasks and events together so you'll never miss a thing. It's synced with your iPhone's Calendar and Reminders apps.

• Simplified Schedule: OnTop lets you see your schedule like you never did before. With a 2-weeks view above the list of your next items, you will always know what's your schedule looks like.

• Add items using natural language: Just type "Cycling with Michael at Ridge Parkway Sun at 5" and OnTop will create that event for you. You can also add a task using natural language. For example, "Send finance report tomorrow at noon"

• Task Manager: OnTop is a powerful Task Manager that lets you easily manage your iOS Reminders. Manage your lists, start a new project, add a location-based task, or simply add a task with a due date. Everything is possible with OnTop.

• Great Month View: You can extend the 2-weeks view to a full month view SEAMLESSLY by just swiping down inside it. The month view is a great way to check how's your long-term schedule looks like.

• SWIPE FOR EVERYTHING: In OnTop, everything is a swipe away. Need to reschedule that task? Just swipe to the left. Need to copy that event? Simply, swipe to Reschedule, Copy or Delete that event.

• No Need to Enter it all Again: Since OnTop fetches your events from the built in Calendar app and your tasks from the Reminders app, the moment you will open the app - everything will be there!

We are here for you. Need help? Contact us. You can also ask for features and improvements via email contact.
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