Hockey World Junior Championship Live 16 - 17

Hockey World Junior Championship Live 16 - 17
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World Junior Championship USA - Canada

Discover the extraordinary, classic, fun and known stop Hockey 2016 game which offers pure hockey involvement with clear view, dazzling visual environment, incredibly fluid and understanding controls and insane actions.

Get ready to join in on the ultimate hockey experience with World Junior Championship USA - Canada 2017 game!

Pick your team from international teams or play as your favourite team from anywhere around the World by customizing any of the available city teams and play to endless fun.

Dominate the ice while battling your way to the final time, choose your most loved hockey team of skaters, Perform flawless poke-checks and deliver perfect slamming slap-shots to bring down even the toughest rivals.

Need to jump profound with hours of fun and there to slam depression and dizziness away, World Junior Championship USA - Canada 2017 is the amazing winter game for you.

*Amazing uniforms for customization of teams
*Create your own character, choose a team, name, number, and more
*Endless season, playoffs, and championship game modes

How to play; Easy, use the direction button on the left part of the screen to move the player marked with the ball and the “A” button to shot the ball while “B” button to pass the ball, just enjoy.
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