Don't die in dungeons

Don't die in dungeons
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Dark days! Despicable Duke Dracula disappears in his dungeon with the king's darling daughter!
Distraught, the king and queen call for adventurers to save their princess. You are a brave young man, eager to prove your skill

in battle. Is there any nobler cause than the life of a lovely damsel in distress?

The Duke's dungeons are very dangerous, teeming with horrible monsters and wicked creatures. You will need to go deep and far to

achieve your quest. Fear not though, brave adventurer! Riches and glory await you. Soon you can leave that shabby gear behind

and upgrade your equipment like a true knight!
Just remember… Don't die in dungeons.

* Seven worlds
* Boss battles
* Randomized dungeons
* RPG Style weapons and equipment RPG
* A nightmare mode
* Controller support

Top tips for tip-top adventurers:
* Visit the Priest to restore your hit points
* Don't forget to spend your loot on weapons and armor
* You recover all lost hit points when you level up
* Plunder the dungeons and their occupants for every coin they have
* Don't die

Three rules to get three stars:
*1 Star: Survive the dungeon
*2 Stars: Defeat all monsters
*3 Stars: Find the hidden star
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