Bruno by ablemagic

Bruno by ablemagic
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Bruno is a beautiful, playful and exciting book about the little boy, Bruno, his grandpa, the painter - and what we do to make the people we love happy.
When grandpa loses inspiration and refuses to paint, Bruno travels the town in search of a new colour. Will he find it among bright blue cars, red parrots and green melons?
Bruno is a book written in rhyme for all children – also the ones that have grown up!

• Beautiful graphics and design
• Playful and poetic narrative
• Unique origami animations

Written and translated by Marte Rye Bårdsen
Illustrated by Ingrid Baadnes
Read by Ailish Octigan
Directed by Nina Fjelnset
Development and programming: Jonas Blåsås Lønnum and Jan Erik Wold
Animation and 3D: Rinsai Moontika
Texturing: Janne Magnussen
Music: Inner Child by Olive Musique / Premium Beat
Translation consultant: Sinead Fulcher
An ablemagic books production
Appropriate for children: no in-app purchases
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