Alertic - Weather Alerts

Alertic - Weather Alerts
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Get all the weather alerts into your notifications centre in advance. You will never be surprised by an unexpected rain again. From slippery ice in the morning to a hurricane in the evening. Alertic always gives you the heads up.

Adding a new location is easy. Just drag the list down and type the name of the desired city. There is no limit to how many locations you have. And you can always toggle the notifications for those that matters. Alertic offers variety of different notifications which can be easily customised. Not interested in sunrise or sunset? Just turn these OFF.

Settings can be revealed by dragging the list of locations up. Set units for time, temperature and wind speed or customise the notifications. Something doesn't work the way expected? Click contact developer at the end of settings and drop us a line.

Available Notifications:

- Precipitation (Rain, Snow, Sleet)
- Wind Speed
- Slippery Ice
- Sun Burn
- Temperature Rise & Fall
- Temperature Minimum & Maximum
- Low visibility
- Sunrise & Sunset

Available features:

- Clean, gesture-driven interface
- Celsius & Fahrenheit support
- Customizable notifications settings
- Hourly forecast for the day
- Hourly temperature & precipitation graph
... much more

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