Agent RX

Agent RX
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You are Agent RX. One of the best agent from ISEN. Unfortunately ISEN’s secret military base,a floating fortress called ARIES has been compromised by unknown assailants. Only with stealth infiltration can recover ARIES. Are you up for it?

AGENT RX :Infiltration Zero is a single player top down stealth game, that places players in an espionage world where they would be required to solve puzzles to get around enemies to complete their goals AGENT RX is created on UDK engine, and has arguably one of the best environments and graphics for a top down stealth game.

•This game is a stealth game with puzzles and story

•Hide inside objects with by taping on them

•Simple tap to hack computers

•Simple touch controls (A TAP-TICAL ESPIONAGE ACTION):
-A taping certain intractable objects would allow players to interact with certain objects
in game for puzzle solving, attacking, opening doors, and much

-Players will have gadgets
at their disposal to solve certain puzzles or
help them through difficult obstacle.

# Visit our facebook page for more info and news:

# Please give any feedbacks / suggestions /issues /bugs reports /etc ,for us to improve the game.
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