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Wasco is a rpg featuring the futuristic adventures of Wasco, the waste collecting robot! Play through an hour-long adventure that mimics the old but gold jrpg mechanics and brings a cyberpunked pixel art inspired by our favorite retro games to your device.

-SHORT & SWEET: A bite-size sci-fi adventure that takes place in a junk-planet!
-PIXEL ART: Gorgeous cyberpunk Pixel-art inspired by the beloved jrpgs of the past.
-EXPLORE: Play as Wasco Unit 42 and explore through a planet filled with cyber-junk!
-JRPG: Explore and fight using the good old JRPG style game mechanics we all cherish and enjoy!
-SCI-FI JUNK: Glitches, malfunctions, chips, circuits, nuts, cables and the whole shebang!
-CHIPTUNED MUSIC: Rock your circuits to Judson Cowan`s amazing tracks on Technology Crisis II!
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