Trail of Treasures

Trail of Treasures
Новое за июль 2017
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Trail of Treasures is a location-based adventure and resource trading game.

Become an intrepid adventurer and discover valuable treasures around the world! Explore your surroundings with GPS and start off on thrilling expeditions.

Treasure hunt
Investigate all kinds of places and find hidden resources and treasures in forests, ruins, deserts, or waters. You can retrieve treasures anywhere in your vicinity. So pack your things and go outside, you’ve got the whole world to explore!

Resource mining
Scan your surroundings for resources with your radar or flashlight. Iron, gold, and rocks are useful for building tools. Expand your tool supply to mine new resources! Collect mushrooms, wheat, crabs, or fish and cook a hearty soup to increase your strength (this makes prospecting more efficient).

Sell rare and sought-after resources at the market and earn money for new expeditions. If fish is in high demand, grab your fishing rod and visit the nearest river. But watch out! Prices can change quickly depending on supply and demand.

Augmented Reality
The world is your playground! During your adventures your character’s movement is determined exclusively by GPS, just like geocaching.
Get around in the world and discover new places. Also: every step you take generates energy, which is used to charge your tools.

Who is the most experienced adventurer? Who gets the most coveted treasure maps? Who manages to find all treasures? Is it you? Climb to the top of the list of most accomplished treasure hunters in your city, you country, or even the whole world. Join Trail of Treasures and check out all the places where treasures have been found at

So: it’s time to go outside and explore the world like you’ve never done before! Get the free Trail of Treasures app for your phone now!
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