Toilet Paper Trip

Toilet Paper Trip
Новое за апрель 2017
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〜 I can go anywhere as long as I keep pulling.
 Let's go looking for big fish that I have not seen yet. 〜

Mischievous cats are pulling toilet paper and traveling to a world of imagination with great excitement.

The cat collects favorite items, visits various places in the world, meets friends, and makes a world of dreams.

When You do not play this game after you began this game once, the cat continues pulling toilet paper, and a cat may find an item when you played on the next time.

■When pulling the toilet paper
In proportion to its length and luck, 'Dream Ball' containing cat's favorite items appears.
Let's catch by controlling the speed of 'Dream Ball'" falling with your splendid toilet paper handling.

■If you pull the toilet paper long, the cat's skill will be up.
When the skill goes up, the speed of pulling the toilet paper will increase and you will be able to gather more items.

■When you collect favorite items
The visual of the dream world will change according to the number of items.

■When you took a present box in "Dream Ball"
You can get more items than usual.
After that, the feelings of cats are excited and sometimes the cat state become 'Great Excitement'.

■When the cat state is 'Great Excitement'
'Great Excitement', it is a chance to get a lot of items!
At last of 'Great Excitement', sometimes the cat goes on a 'Imagination Trip' to a place of admiration.

■About 'Imagination Trip'
The cat fly in a blink of an admired place where the cat always dreams of.
In that place, the cat may possibly meet 'Friends'.
'Friends' will be friends to pulling the toilet paper together and they will help us to develop the dream world more and more.
The destination by 'Imagination Trip' is limited at the beginning, but it will increase according to the length of the paper and the number of favorite items collected by the cat so far.
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