To The UltraViolet

To The UltraViolet
Новое за март 2018
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You're Ultra, a little violet square lost in all the colors.
Your goal is to reach the UltraViolet color by passing through 70 unique levels, in one go.

Be careful of the nine dangerous enemy types along the way, each offering a unique challenge!


- 70 levels

- 9 kinds of enemies

- throw bombs
----- you can throw 2 bombs simultaneously
----- you can throw a bomb by pressing on the B button
----- you can shoot in the bomb by pressing on the B button when you're close to the bomb
----- you can shoot the bomb upward if you're close to the bomb and press UP button

- multiple mechanisms to jump :
----- normal jump
----- long jump (just keep on jump button)
----- double jump
----- micro jump when launching bomb

- Bonus objects
----- Fire from top
----- Fire in 4 directions
----- Lives
----- Mega bomb
----- Colors : you need to collect 7 different colors to get a life and all ennemies will be killed. You have an indicator on the upper right of the screen
----- Permanent lives : You will start the game with 3 lives. You will find multiple lives on your way !

- Map
----- Spades
----- Teleporters
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