Tap Tap Driver

Tap Tap Driver
Новое за ноябрь 2016
Категория: Игры, Гонки, Аркады Бесплатно Оценка пользователей
Tap Tap Driver is a fun and challenging endless driving game. Drive your car along the zigzag road in a dynamically generated city. Tap the screen to steer the car left and right. Compete with your friends and compare or beat their highest score.

Tap Tap Driver will test your agility, alertness, and timing. It is a good eye and hands coordination exercise.

• Beautiful and dynamically generated city and challenging zigzag road.
• 20 drivable vehicles to choose from, just unlock the other 19 vehicle ^_~
• Collectible coins - so you can buy your dream vehicle :D
• Repair Kit - so you can continue your journey and push that score higher baby!
• Cheerful background music and sounds that can definitely lift your mood.
• Social media sharing within the app to compete and compare with your friend's score.

• https://www.facebook.com/sanlaato
• https://twitter.com/sanlaato

If you have any suggestion and feedback, feel free to drop us an email at sanlaatogames@gmail.com

Please rate and review Tap Tap Driver to keep us motivated so we can release updates on a regular basis.

Thank you and happy driving ^_^
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